Land Of The Free


Artist: Pennywise Song: Land of the Free Tabbed by: p_irving Tuning: D Tuning
Intro: e|------------------|-----------|x3 Second section only on last! B|------------------|-----------| G|-------------6-6--|-----------| D|-------------6-6--|-----------| A|--1-1-111111-4-4--|--1-1-1-1--| D|--1-1-111111------|--1-1-1-1--| * * * *
Verse: e|--------------------------------------------|x4 B|--------------------------------------------| G|-----3~----44-4-------------3~----44-46646--| D|-----------44-4-------------------44-46646--| A|--11-1-111-22-2-44-6-4--1-1-1-111-22-24424--| D|--11-1-111------44-6-4--1-1-1-111-----------|
Chorus: Part 1 e|--------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------| G|-----3~----44-4-444----------66-6-666-| D|-----------44-4-444----------66-6-666-| A|--11-1-111-22-2-222-44-4-444-44-4-444-| D|--11-1-111----------44-4-444----------|
Part 2 e|--------------------------------------|
B|--------------------------------------| G|-----3~----44-4-444----------33-3-333-| D|-----------44-4-444----------33-3-333-| A|--11-1-111-22-2-222-44-4-444-11-1-111-| D|--11-1-111----------44-4-444----------|
Intro: x1
Verse: x2
Chorus: x2
Intro: x1
Bridge: There are two guitars here,im not sure how the lead goes. This is the rythme guitars power chords, listen to the song to see how many times the chords are played For the last part he palm mutes the chords really fast. e|--------------| B|--------------| G|--8--6--4--3--| D|--8--6--4--3--| A|--6--4--2--1--| D|--------------|
Then play intro, chorus and intro again.
The rythme might be off a bit but just listen to the song to get it.
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