No Second Thoughts

Tom Petty

                                      She threw down her golden band, Crushed it with her feet into the sand
 Took her silent partner by the hand, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah   
Somewhere near the edge of town, she said she was torn and turned around
"Can you help me cast this evil down?", yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah
 We'll drive for the line now there''s nothing to be lost 
 You and I will cross over with no second thoughts 
(repeat main verse chords)
We'll drive for the line now there's nothing to be lost
You and I will cross over with no second thoughts
 Dreams fade hope dies hard 
 She cups here eyes and stares out at the stars  
 Says "I feel we've traveled very far" 
 Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah 
 Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah 
 Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah 
"But let me get to the point, let's roll another joint."
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Am C D G
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