Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


 They asked how I knew,

 my true love was true, oh, oh.

 I of course replied:

 "Something here inside, cannot be denied".

Break: C Bbdim Dm7 G+

Verse 2:

 They said, some day you'll find

 all whose love are blind, oh, oh.

 When your heart's on fire,

 You must realize, smoke gets in your eyes.

Bridge: C F C D#7


 So I chaffed them and gaily laughed,

 to think they could doubt my love.

 Yet today, my love has flown away,

I am without my love. 

Verse 3:

 Now laughing friends deride,

 Tears I cannot hide, oh, oh.

 So I smile and say:

 “When a lovely flame dies,

 Smoke gets in your eyes.


…in your eyes

 Smoke gets in your eyes  

 Smoke gets in your eyes

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Ab Abmaj7 Am7 Bb7 Bbm7 C C+ Cdim Cmaj7 D#7 Dm7 F Fmaj G+ G7
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