Primal Scream Dolls (Sweet Rock N Roll) Riot City Blues
Tabbed by: Gary McStea Email:
Standard Tuning:
Verse and Chorus (main riff) ---------------------------- E A D e|---------------2-222----------------------------| B|----------22---3-333----------------------------| G|--11--1---22---2-222----------------------------| D|--22--2---22---0-000----------------------------| A|--22--2---00------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------|
Bridge ------

Play the following chords for the bridge in this order
F#5 A E A F#5 A e|------------------------------------------------| B|-----------2------------2------------2----------| G|-----------2------1-----2------------2----------| D|--4--------2------2-----2------4-----2----------| A|--4--------0------2-----0------4-----0----------| E|--2----------------------------2----------------|
A second guitar plays something like this over the bridge
e|------------------------------------------------| B|--2--(repeat)--5--(repeat)--12--(repeat)--------| G|--4b-----------7b-----------14b-----------------| D|------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------|
That is about it really. All the chords needed are in this tab so the rest of the song should be easy enough for you to pick up. The solo is just pentatonic stuff between the 12th and 17 play around cos I cant be bothered tabbing it note for note.

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