Wonderful Ass


----------------------------------------------------------------------- Wonderful Ass - Prince ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: FunknFresh Email: me_52@hotmail.com
This is a cool funky Prince song that remains in the vaults (well kinda, its on many It would be a pain to tab the entire song detail by detail and note by note so I've just the main parts of the song for now. It's all by ear so don't expect perfection. To my no one has attempted this tab so it's fresh at least.
All parts transcribed for guitar.
Tabbed using recording from “Electric Intercourse” bootleg (important for “right channel” distinction) Tuning: Standard
Riff reference KB riff 1a) – starts at 0.03 Bass intro a) starts at 0.03 KB riff 2 starts at 0.13 KB riff 1b)starts at 0.17 Bass b) starts at 0.17 (it also comes at the end of each measure after Main bass line) KB riff 3 starts at 0.17 Guitar riffs 1 and 2 start at 0.22 KB riff 4 starts at 0.22 Main bass line starts at 0.22
NOTE: Bass is transcribed here for guitar so on a bass guitar the notes would be played octave higher.
Bass intro a) Bass b) G|--------------------------------|-----------------------------------| D|--------------------------------|-----------------------------------| A|--------------------------------|-----------------------------------| E|---6-----6-4-----4-2-----2-4/6--|--3--3-2--2-0---6------------------|
KB riff 1a) (intro) b) E|----------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|----------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|----------------------------------|---------------------------------| D|---4--6-----3-----3--4--6-----3---|---7--9--7--6--4--2--2---1-------| A|---------6-----6-----------6------|---------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|---------------------------------|
KB riff 2 (intro) E|---------13---------------------------------------------------------| B|---------14------------------14---14--------------------------------| G|-------15--15-15-13----13-15----15----------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
KB riff 3 (This is the “U've got a wonderful ass” part) E|----15----15----14----14-------12~---11~/9--------------------------| B|-------12-----12---11----11-----------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
KB riff 4 E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------14-----------------14---------------------------------------| G|----/13-----13---------/13-----15p13--------------------------------| D|--------------15-13-15-------------15-------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Funk guitar riff 1 (left channel) E|---13-13-x-13-14-x-13-----13-13-x-13-14-x-16-----| B|---14-14-x-14-14-x-14-----14-14-x-14-14-x-14-----| G|---13-13-x-13-13-x-13-----13-13-x-13-13-x-13-----| D|-------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------|
Funk guitar riff 2 (right channel) – same pattern as riff 1 E|------------------------| B|---11-11-x-11-11-x-11---| G|---13-13-x-13-13-x-13---| D|---11-11-x-11-11-x-11---| A|------------------------| E|------------------------|
KB strings chord (played during verses on 1st beat) E|----6-------| B|----7-------| G|----8-------| D|------------| A|------------| E|------------|
Main Bass line G|------------------------| D|------------------------| A|---4--------------------| E|------6-4---4-2---4-6---|
NOTE: This is not the whole song. There are parts I have not learned yet but these are main parts of the song.
The part where he sings “You've got a wonderful ass” has those chord changes that I hope made clear above. However, I have not figured out the guitar riffs for this part so are missing. But the bass part on that section is “Bass b)”.

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