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Zaustavite Zemlju

Prljavo Kazaliste

F5 133xxx ili F#5 244xxx Bb5 x133xx ili B5 x244xx E5 022xxx ili F5 133xxx C5 x355xx ili C#5 x466xx G 355433 ili G#/Ab 466544
INTRO -----
F5 Bb5 E5 C5 6x (ili F#5 B5 F5 C#5)
Je'n, dva, tri...
STROFA (00:27) -------------- F5 Bb5 E5 C5 8x (ili F#5 B5 F5 C#5)
Jedni vicu hej, k'o komunist, drugi vicu ana-ana-rhist, jedni vicu hej, citaj Borbu, drugi vicu, citaj Mladi Duh, jedni vicu hej, slusaj Brenu, drugi vicu hapsi Boru. Ma koga da, slusam ja, u ova sugava vremena.
REFREN (01:00) -------------- C5 Bb5 F5 (ili C#5 B5 F5) Zaustavite zemlju silazim, nije mi do niceg, odlazim. Zaustavite zemlju silazim, G Bb5 (ili G#/Ab B5) nije mi do niceg, odlazim, ja bas odlazim.
STROFA 2 (01:52)
Ali ljudi mir, tko smo mi, da bi vam ovo pricali, ali jedno znam, kroz sve nas, ista krv sad prolazi.
REFREN (02:07) --------------
SOLO (02:42) ------------ F5 Bb5 E5 C5 4x (ili F#5 B5 F5 C#5)
e|----11b13-11b13--13b15-13b15--11~~--15b17--14-13-12--14-13-12--12b14-15--12\11~~--| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--9-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|----------------------------------------------11----11-11----11-11--15b17-15b17--|| B|--9h12p9-9h12p9-9h12p9-9h12p9--9-9b11-9b11--9-----9--------9---------------------|| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
REFREN (02:59) --------------
~~=vibrato h =hammer-on p =pull of / =slide b =bend r =release pm=palm mute

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