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A Salty Dog  Procol Harum

         [Db-5]                 [Csus4]          [C]        [Cm7]              [Bbsus4]           [Bb] 

Verse 1:
        [Db-5]"All hands on deck [Csus4]  we've run afl[C]oat"
        [Cm7]I heard the captain[Bbsus4] cry[Bb]
        [Fm/Ab]Explore the ship[/G]   [Ab/F]replace the cook[/Eb]
        [Db-5]Let no one leave al[E6]ive
        [B/F#]Across the straits   [F#]around the horn
        [B]How far can [Bmaj7]sailors [B7]fly
        [E]A twisted path  [Em6/G] our tortured course
        [B/F#]And no one left a[F#sus4]live[F#]
Verse 2:
We sailed for parts unknown to man
Where ships crawl home to die
No lofty peak nor fortress bold
Could match our captain's eyes
Upon the seven seasick days
We made out for the coast
The sand so white and sea so blue
No mortal place at all
strings/piano (arranged for guitar):
          [B]v     v     v     v   [Ddim]  v     v     v     v

         [F#] v     v     v     v  [Adim]  v     v     v   [F#dim]  v

Verse 3:
We fired the gun and burned the mast
And rode from ship to shore
The captain cried, we sailors wept
Our tears were tears of joy
How many moons and many Junes
Have passed since we made land
A salty dog, a seaman's log
Your witness my own hand
(repeat string/piano break; end on Db-5 w/seagulls)
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers