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All This And More  Procol Harum

        [Bb7] v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

Verse 1:

        It's [Eb]not that I'm so ch[Bb]eerful
                    Fm               Cm  [3: bold Cm extra bar]
Though I'll always raise a smile
        [Eb]If at times my n[Bb]onsense rhymes
         Fm              Cm              [3: bold Cm extra bar]
Then I'll stand trial
        My fr[Eb]iends are all aro[Bb]und me
        But they o[Cm]nly breathe through fear
        Were [Eb]I to cry I'm sure that still
        They'd [Ab/Bb]never see a t[Bb]ear


        [Edim]In darkness through my b[Fm]eing here
        [Adim]Away from [Bbm]you
        [Ddim]The bright light of your [Ebm]star confronts me [Eb7]
        Shining t[Abm]hrough

        [1, 2:] 

        [Abm] v  [/G] v  [/Gb] v  [/F] v    [Gb] v  [/F] v  [/Fb] v  [Ebsus4] v     [Eb]v   v   v   v

        [3: to coda] 

Verse 2:

Dullen, sullen, much subdued
My skull a stony glaze
Whirlpools rage on constantly
I'm not so well these days
There must be something somewhere near
Who sees what's being done
The harbor lights are burning bright
My wax is almost run

[repeat cborus] 


(piano arr. for guitar):

        [Abm] v     v    [G+] v     v    [Abm7/Gb]   v     v  [Abm6/F]   v     v

        [Gb] v     v   [Bbm/F]  v     v     [Gb7/Fb]  v     v  [Eb7sus4]   v    [Eb7] v

Verse 3:

Come Lollard, raise your lute and sing
Unto my ears a beauty bring
Like Maddox in the days of old
We'll feast and drink until we fold
And folding still we'll spare a thought
For what's been lost and what's been caught
And maybe then begin again
For love is life, not poison

[repeat cborus] 

Coda [repeat to fade (borns enter 3rd time]:

        [Abm] v  [/G] v  [/Gb] v  [/F] v    [Gb] v  [/F] v  [/Fb] v  [Eb7] v

Oh, shining through
Keep shining through
Bright light of your star keeps shining through

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers