White Man


Artist: Queen Song: White Man Album: A Day at the Races Transcribed by: Chris White (shaggymoods70@yahoo.com) Tuning: Dropped D (DADGBE)
This is one bad ass song.
Little Intro Riff (RIFF ONE):
E|-------------------| B|-------------------| G|-----------------7-| D|-----------------7-| A|-5p3p2-----------5-| D|-------5b-0-3b-0---|
Brian May hits this before the next riff starts...
F5 E|--- B|--- G|--- D|-3- A|-3- D|-3-
The first one is repeated once.
E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------| G|-7-7-7\5-7----7-5----5-5-5\3-5---5-3----5-5-5\3---| D|-7-7-7\5-7----7-5----5-5-5\3-5---5-3----5-5-5\3-5-| A|-5-5-5\3-5----5-3----3-3-3\1-3---3-1----3-3-3\1-5-| D|------------------------------------------------5-|
During part of the song, there is a variation...... That variation goes a little something like this...
E|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-7-7-7\5-7-------| D|-7-7-7\5-7-7-7-5-| A|-5-5-5\3-5-7-8-3-| D|-----------------|
B|-------| G|-----7-| D|-3-0-7-| A|-3-0-5-| D|-3-0---|
E|-------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------| D|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--3/5-5-5-5-5-5-8--8-8-12-0-| A|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--3/5-5-5-5-5-5-8--8-8-12-0-| D|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--3/5-5-5-5-5-5-8--8-8-12-0-|
For one part of the chorus, do this:
E|----------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------| D|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--8--8-8-8--8-8-8--8-8-8--3--5-| A|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--8--8-8-8--8-8-8--8-8-8--3--5-| D|-3-3-3-0--3-3-0--3--0--8--8-8-8--8-8-8--8-8-8--3--5-|
Then, there will be little things you will need for the song to play it exactly. For example, there is a pick slide at one part. Before the 2nd chorus, palm-mute the bass strings open.
To start the bridge, use this "chord":
E|--- B|--- G|--- D|-5- A|-5- D|-5-
Then the bridge is something like this:
E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-5-5-5\3-5------------------------------| D|-5-5-5\3-5--5-5-5/3-5--5-5-5-3--5-5-5-3-| A|-3-3-3\1-3--5-5-5/3-5--5-5-5-3--5-5-5-3-| D|------------5-5-5/3-5--5-5-5-3--5-5-5-3-|
That's enough, don't you think? Have fun. If you don't know where each riff goes, and how many times to play it, I pity you.
Any questions or comments?<-------Chris White(shaggymoods70@yahoo.com)

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