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Adios Amigos  Ramones


[D]While I'm lying in my bed at night   [A]I don't wanna grow up
Nothing ever seems to turn out right I don't wanna grow up
[B]How do you move in a [F#]world of fog that's [G]always changing [A]things
[B]Makes me wish that [F#]I could [G]be a [A]dog
[D]When I see that price that you pay [A]I don't want to grow up
I don't ever wanna be that way I don't wanna grow up
[B]Seems that folks turn [F#]into things they [G]never want to [A]be
[B]The only thing to [F#]live for is [G]tod[A]ay
[D]I'm gonna put a hole in my tv set  [A]I don't wanna grow up
Open up the medicine chest and I don't wanna grow up
[B]I don't wanna have to [F#]shout it out  [B]I don`t want my h[F#]air to fall out
I don't wanna be filled with doubt I don't wanna be a good boy scout
I don't wanna hafta learn to count I don't want the biggest amount
No [G]I don't [A]want to grow [D]up

solo: D A D A B F# G A B F# G A

[D]When I see my parents fight           [A]I don't want to grow up
They all go out and drinkin all night I don't wanna grow up
[B]I'd rather stay here [F#]in my room  [B]Nothing out there but [F#]sad and gloom
[B]I don't wanna live in a [F#]big ol tomb on [G]Grand [A]St.
[D]When I see the 5 0' clock news        [A]I don't wanna grow up
Comb their hair and shine their shoes I don't wanna grow up
Stay around in my ol hometown Don't wanna put no money down
[B]Don't wanna get a [F#]big ol loan   [B]Work them fingers [F#]to the bone
I dont' wanna float on a broom Fall in love get married then boom
how the hell did it get here so soon
No [G]I don't [A]want to grow [D]up


Makin Monsters For My Friends

intro: Bb G Bb G Bb G Bb G


[C]Everybody said so man[F]  [F]    [C]you could see it on tv [F]  [F]
They stood there ashamed with no where to go
Nobody wants them now the kids are alright
Everyday is a holiday and pushin people around


[F]I'm [C]making [Eb]monsters [G]for my [C]friends [F]  [C]
I'm making monsters for my friends

second verse

Someone caught one I could see so myself
I had to call 254 so they wouldn't blame me
We wanted to know how much trouble there was
When we asked our daddy he said it was just because

repeat chorus

bridge Bb G Bb G
              [C]  [Bb]   [F]  [C]     [C]  [Bb]   [F]  [C]    

third verse

I don't wanna open a can of worms I don't want any Spaghetti O's
And I can always tell when someone is holding a grudge

repeat chorus

repeat chorus

repeat intro

It's Not For Me To Know

intro: G Bb F G G Bb F G


[G]Easy [Bb]come and[F] easy[G] go
For Me that was the fun
It was something that I didn't
Think was so bad
Now I'm looking out my window
But I don't know where I am
And I've given up trying to
Understand what I can't

[G]I don't [Bb]have any [Eb]illusions [F]anymore
I've done all that I can do
[G]It's [F]not for [G]me to [Bb]know [G]It's [F]not for [Eb]me to know
It's not for me to know It's not for me to know

repeat intro

second verse

I stood under the moonlight
To illuminate myself
Something I fell into
>From being kicked around

repeat chorus

[G]  [Bb]   [F]  [G]    [G]  [Bb]   [F]  [G]    [Eb]   [GGGG]     [FF]      [Eb] [F] 
third verse

No one seemed to notice seeing
>From smoke screen eyes
You can get what you want
But I don't think it's true

repeat chorus twice

[Eb]   [F]  [Eb]   [F]  [G]                           

The Crusher

main riff:


intro: riff twice

verse play the riff once for each line of lyric

Now I wanna wrestle in the Garden I'm on my way to stardom
I know I'm ready I know I'm great but first I got to get in shape

[B]Cause I got my eye on the Russian Bear Gonna [D]tear him up [A]I swear
[B]This guy thinks he's the champion Gonna take [D]his belt and beat him

chorus: play the riff once per line of lyric

I'm the Crusher King of the Ring
I'm the Crusher King of the Ring
I'm the Crusher King of the Ring
I'm the Crusher King of the Ring

second verse:

I ready for a match with the Russian Bear Gonna piledrive him pull his hair
I might have a foreign object in my trunks I might hafta use on that punk

second pre-chorus

Got the hardest hold you can put on anyone If you're my victim you're beaten
I'm a lean mean fighting machine powerful and strong like King Kong

repeat chorus

repeat intro

third verse

Started having second thoughts I was scared as hell The last thing I
wanted was to hear them ring the bell
I mean the Russian Bear could probably tear me limb from limb
He'd probably grin be real happy with himself this is not good for my health
I'm not coming out of the dressing room to get beaten up by that goon

third pre-chorus

Go back to russia go back home Don't wanna get a broken bone
Or a lump on my head Ain't gonna hide under the bed

repeat chorus

repeat intro

Life's A Gas

intro: G F# E D C D G F# E D C D
        [C]   [D]      [C]   [D]                 

[G]Life's a gas  [E]   L[G]ife's a gas  [E]    Life's a [C]ga[B]s [A]a [G]gas oh [D]yeah
Life's a gas Life's a gas Life's a gas a gas oh yeah

[C]So don't be [D]sad cause [E]I'll I'll be [G]there [C]Dont' be sad at [D]all

repeat verse

repeat chorus

repeat verse (instruMental)

repeat chorus

outro: G F# E D C D repeat to fade

Take The Pain Away


[D]  [F]  [Bb]   [C]   [D]  [F]  [C]                       
[D]I went [F]out [Bb]tod[C]ay for a [D]walk [F]in the [C]rain
I was so sad and blue I could feel any pain
I was worried about everything My head began to howl
I'm running away from myself There's too may demon's around here now

chorus (played twice each time)
[D]Every[Bb]bod[C]y  I don'[D]t know [Bb]what to[C] say I w[D]ish I could t[Bb]ake the [C]pain [Bb]away

second verse

But hta can't happen everybody knows it's true
And if you have to know I'll never understand you
So if you have to go you better go now
Go off somewhere safe I hope you will somehow

repeat chorus

[Bb]   [F]  [Bb]   [C]                             
repeat chorus

[C]   [D]                                  

I Love You

[A]  [B]  [E]    [A]  [B]  [E]                         
[A]When I [B]look in your [E]eyes
I see words I can't describe
And these words I'm telling you
And I tell you [D]I love you

second verse

Don't try to put me down
Just because my back is turned around
I'm playing it straight for once
Cause baby I love you

[G]I [A]really [D]do
There's no one else like you
[G]Baby [A]I [E]love

third verse

Baby I love you
No matter what you do
Baby I love you
And I tell you I love you

repeat second verse

[A]  [B]  [E]    [A]  [B]  [E]     [D]    [A]  [B]  [E]   [A]  [B]  [E]   [A] [B] [E] 
Cause baby [D]I love you
[G]I [A]really [D]do
there's no one else like you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
[G]Baby [A]I lov[E]e you
[A]No [B]matter what I[E] do
Baby I love you
And I tell [D]you I love you

goes to fade

Cretin Family

intro: D F E Eb D
        [D]     [F]  [E]  [Eb]   [D]                 
[D]I'm not so u[Eb]pset ab[D]out my horrible [Eb]self
But why don't you go upset yourself
[C]Hey here's the mir[D]ror Se[C]e your stupid f[D]ace
What a disgrace man and you know it's true

[D]Cretin family cretin family cretin family e[F]veryone's [E]against [Eb]me  [D]
cretin family cretin family cretin family oi oi oi oi

second verse
Don't stare at me it's freakin me out
Look what's happening now it's all your fault
You can't do nothing absolutely nothing ok
Why don't you get a hula hoop and do the cretin hop


third verse
I'm never wrong don't tell me what to do
Here's a little curse it's from me to you
It's nothing gonna happen nothing ever will
You'll be miserable everyday your luck will always be bad



outro (four times)
[D]everyone's ag[Eb]ainst me
oi oi oi oi

Have A Nice Day

I [A#]heard it from the [G]gangster I h[F]eard it [C]from the p[G]riest
I heard it from my best friend way down in the middle east

[F]Have [G]a [A#]nice [C]day that's al[D]l I he[C]ar ev[D]eryday[C]
Have a nice day, I don't believe a word you say

second verse
I heard it from the landlord when he kicked me out
I heard it from the spirits as they possessed my house

repeat chorus

C D# D C# (4X)

[C]When they lo[D#]ok me in[F] the eye I[C] turn the ot[D#]her wa[D]y
It's just a trained reaction something they gotta say

third verse
I heard it in New Zealand I heard it at the club
I heard it from my doctor before he pulled the plug

chorus twice
chorus instrumental twice

outro G


intro: C# D# G# G# G F D# C# D# G#


[B]Smooth [F#]bore [B]Scatter[F#]gun [B]you [F#]are the [B]only [F#]one
[C#]to cover me when I sleep to cover me [B]in [B]my [A#]dreams
[G#]Car[F#]ry a [B]smooth [F#]bore [B]scatter[F#]gun [B]steal from [F#]me there'll [B]be no [F#]time to run
[C#]I got the bead on you she fires true take what you want
And I'll do [B]what [B]I [A#]have [G#]to [F#]do
[B]Smooth [F#]bore [B]Scatter[F#]gun [B]Scatter[F#]gun [B]Scatter[F#]gun

[D#]Triple O bucks the only shot for me
Cut you right off at the knee
No need to bother the police
I've got my Mossberg 590

repeat intro

repeat verse

repeat intro twice solo over the second time through

repeat verse

Got A Lot To Say

chorus, kinda
[G]I got a lot to[C#] say  x4

verse, kinda
[E]I can't remembe[B]r now   x4



break: C# B Bb G# F#

chorus (instrumental)






She Talks To Rainbows

intro: E

[E]She's a lost little girl in her own little world
She looks so happy but she seems so sad
[G]oh yeah oh yeah
[E]She's a lost little girl in her own little world
I'd like to help her I'd like to try
[G]oh yeah  [D]oh yeah

[E]She talks to birds [G]she talks to angels
[D]She talks to trees [C]She talks to bees
[E]She don't talk to me
[G]Talks to the rainbows and [D]to the seas
[C]She talks to trees she [E]don't talk to me
[E]Don't talk to me

bridge (played twice)
[E]You know she drives me outta my mind
[D]You know she drives me [C]outta my head



outro: chorus to fade
she don't talk to me
don't talk to me

Born To Die In Berlin

recurring riff throughout song: GGFGFGF

G Bb Eb riff twice
Intoxicated by the orchids abandoned in the garden
Demanding morphine curse my soul is burning
Standing in the sweet wonderings breathing the pale moon silver
Torn painted lips tasting the last drops of life

G Bb G Bb riff
Sometimes I feel like screaming Sometimes I feel I just can't win
Sometimes I feel my soul is as restless as the wind
[G]Maybe I was bo[Bb]rn to di[G]e in Berlin
riff x4

second verse
I sprinkled cocaine on the floor when no one was watching
I closed my eyes and let myself sleep
Creeps and dirty bastards demons waiting by my bed
There's no choice or difference no one seems to notice


third verse
(sung in German, most probably by Dee Dee Ramone)


outro: riff 4x


intro: C#

[C#]Spiderman spiderman
does whatever a spider can
[F#]spins a web, any size
c[C#]atches theives just like flies
[G#]look out [F#]here comes the[C#] Spiderman

second verse
Is he strong listen bud
he's got radioactive blood
Can he swing from a thread
take a look overhead
hey there there goes the spiderman

In the [E]chill of the n[B]ight
At the[F#] scene of th[C#]e crime
Like a [E]streak of ligh[B]t
He arr[F#]ives just in t[G#]ime

third verse
Spiderman Spiderman
Friendly neighborhood spiderman
wealth and fame, he's ignored
action is his reward
look out here comes the Spiderman

instrumental verse twice


third verse

[F#]To him, life is a great big[C#] bang-up
[F#]Wherever there's [C#] hang-up
[F#]You'll find the s[C#]piderman

bass riff:



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