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Chronic Town Album  R.E.M

Wolves, Lower
       (E) ---0-------0------0-------0--------0-----0---0---0--------------

Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself don't get caught
Suspicion yourself suspicion yourself let us out
Wilder lower wolves here's a house to put wolves out the door
       (E) ---------0-  playing this note on open E facilitates

(B) --10-9-8- hitting the D chord on time
"D" chord: "A" chord:
       (E) --0--                --0--
       (E) --0--                --0--
       (G) --7--                --7--
       (D) --7--                --6--
       (A) --0--                --0--

riff2 "D" riff2 "A" riff2 "D" riff2 "A"
       (E) --0---0---0---
       (B) -5--4--3----2-

In a corner garden wilder lower wolves
A D G C * 3
House in order
       [G]Down and around beam the party to rise
       (E) -12-12-10-9--7-7-9--7
       (B) -12-12-10-10-8-8-10-8

Gardening At Night
       Intro :  (G) ---2---2-4-2---2---2-4-2-
                (D) -0---0-------0---0---------

               [G]   [Gmaj7]       [G6]    [G5]     [C]        [G]  [Gmaj7] [G6] [G5] [C]                       I[D] see your money on the f[C]loor I felt the pocket change through al[G]l
       The feelings that broke through that d[A7]oor
Just didn't seem to be too real
       B[D]eyond it's nothing but a fanc[C]y sun just
       Hurts my eyes somewher[G]e it must be time for penitan[A7]ce
       Gardening at night is never whe[D]re
       G[G]arden[A]ing at nig[D]ht
               [Bm]The neighbors go to bed at t[C#m]wo
       C[Bm]rawl out of bed and pull the c[C#]hain
       T[Bm]ried just changing every mon[C#]th
       T[Bm]hey said it couldn't be arra[D]ng[A]ed[D]
       W[D]ell you collected garbage s[C]on but they were busy in the row[G]s
       Though not to see the [A7]sun gardening at night just didn't g[D]row
Your sister said that you're too young
They should know they've been there twice
Carl was two in fifty one
They said it couldn't be arranged
Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)
                                            (B) --------0-----
       (G) ------0---0----                  (G) -------0--0---
       (D) -----4---4--4--  X 3    then..   (D) -----4------4-
       (A) -7-7-----------                  (A) -7-7-----------

There's a secret stigma weeping willow
A diminished carnival of sorts
Chronic town poster torn weeping willow
Stranger stranger to these parts
               [G]Gentlemen [A]don't get caught [Bm]cages under [A]cage
       [G]Gentlemen d[A]on't get caught
       Bm   G       A/Asus4   (B) --2-2-3-2-0---
                              (G) ------------2-

Boxcars (are pulling) out of town
Cages under cages under cages under cage
Secret stigma weeping willow
Stranger stranger to these parts
Chronic town poster torn weeping willow
Diminish stranger
As far as "1,000,000" is concerned, I haven't really had time
to work out all the chords, but the main one which Buck plays
over the verses is, I think, something like this:
       E--0--          E--0          It's some kind of mutant
       B--0--          B--0 (4?)     "open" B chord.  Also, you
       G--9--     or   G--4          can remove the Barring finger
       D--9--          D--4          alternately to get the bass
       A--9--          A--2          note in there.  Heavy on style
       E--7--          E--2          of course.

I'm not sure of these because I'm going from memory and my
guitar is at home. Screw around with it and see what happens.
"B" chord: "E" chord
       (E)  ---       ---

       [B]     [-4-]          [---]           [G]     [-4-]          [---]           [D]     [-4-]          [-2-]           [A](E)  [-2-]---       [-2-]-0-
Secluded in a marker stone
Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too
All along the chain secluded in the ruin
Secluded in a marker stone
Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too
               [A]I could l[Bm]ive a mi[Esus4]llion yea[E/Esus4]rs
All along all along all along the ruin
Secret in secret in secret in the river
Secluded in a marker stone
Not only deadlier but smarter too smarter too

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A A7 B Bm C C# C#m D Esus4 G G5 G6 Gmaj7
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