First Family

Rich Mullins

 My folks they were always the first family to arrive
With seven people jammed into a car that seated five        
There was one bathroom to bathe and shave in, six of us stood in line
And hot water for only three but we all did just fine
 Talk about your miracles, talk about your faith           
 My dad he could make things grow out of Indiana clay       
 Mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans
And they worked to give faith hands and feet
And somehow gave it wings                       
I can still hear my dad cussin', he's working late out in the barn
The spring planting's a coming and the tractors just won't run
Mom she's done the laundry, I can see it waving on the line
Now they've stayed together through the pain, the strain of those times
    And now they've raised five children, one winter they lost a son  
But the pain didn't leave them crippled
And the scars have made them strong     
 Never picture perfect, just a plain man and his wife
Who somehow knew the value of hard work, good love, and real life