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Going To My Hometown  Rory Gallagher

[D]Ah[D5]...[D] oh[D]! [D5]Yea[D]h..[D]. [D5]oh![D]

Verse 1:
[D]Ye[D5]s, [D]I'm[D] g[D5]oin[D]g t[D]o [D5]my [D]hom[D]e [D5]tow[D]n,
[D]So[D5]rry[D] ba[D]be[D5] I [D]can[D]'t[D5] ta[D]ke [D]yo[D5]u. [D]
[G]Ye[G5]s, [G]I'm[G] g[G5]oin[G]g t[G]o [G5]my [G]hom[G]e [G5]tow[G]n,
[D]So[D5]rry[D] ho[D]ne[D5]y, [D]but[D] I[D5] ca[D]n't[D] t[D5]ake[D] you.
[A]On[A5]ly [A]got[A] o[A5]ne t[A]icket, G[D]ood Lord ...I j[D5]ust can'[D]t aff[D5]ord t[D]wo.  [D]  [D5]   [D]

[D]Ta[D5]ke [D]me [D]ho[D5]me.[D].. [D]  [D5]   [D]
Verse 2:
[D]Ye[D5]ah,[D] th[D]e [D5]day[D] I [D]le[D5]ft,[D]   [D]  [D5]   [D]
[D]Yo[D5]u k[D]now[D] I[D5] ha[D]d s[D]ho[D5]es [D]upo[D]n [D5]my [D]feet.
[G]Th[G5]e d[G]ay [G]I [G5]lef[G]t,
[D]I [D5]had[D] sh[D]oe[D5]s u[D]pon[D] m[D5]y f[D]eet[D]. [D5]   [D]
[A]Ge[A5]t h[A]ome[A] a[A5]gain[A] honey,
[D]Don't[D5] even[D] 'got [D]enou[D5]gh to [D]eat.

(Lead Solo 1)
Lay it on my honey!...
[D]    [D5]     [D]     [D]   [D5]      [D]              
(Bass Solo)
OK... do another one...
[D]    [D5]     [D]     [D]   [D5]     [D]               

Verse 3:
[D]Go[D5]ing[D] to[D] m[D5]y h[D]ome[D] t[D5]own[D],  [D]  [D5]   [D]
[D]I'[D5]m l[D]eav[D]in[D5]g o[D]n t[D]he[D5] mi[D]dni[D]gh[D5]t t[D]rain,
[G]Go[G5]ing[G] to[G] m[G5]y h[G]ome town,
[D]I'[D5]m l[D]eav[D]in[D5]g o[D]n t[D]he[D5] mi[D]dni[D]gh[D5]t t[D]rain,
[A]Go[A5]t t[A]o k[A]ee[A5]p on[A] rolling honey,
[D]Won'[D5]t be [D]back a[D]gai[D5]n.  [D]

Verse 4:
[D]Ye[D5]s I[D]'m [D]go[D5]ing[D] to my home town, [D]go[D5]ing[D] to[D] m[D5]y h[D]ome town,
[D]go[D5]ing[D] to[D] m[D5]y h[D]ome town, going to[D] m[D5]y h[D]ome[D] t[D5]own[D],
[G]Do[G5] yo[G]u w[G]an[G5]na [G]go, [G]Do[G5] yo[G]u w[G]an[G5]na [G]go,
[A]Do[A5] yo[A]u w[A]an[A5]na g[A]o, [A]Do[A5] yo[A]u w[A]an[A5]na g[A]o.
[D]Does[D5] your[D] mothe[D]r, [D5]know?[D]  Alright, ...alright!

Verse 5:
[D]Go[D5]ing[D] to[D] m[D5]y h[D]ome[D] t[D5]own[D],  [D]  [D5]   [D]
[D]I'[D5]m l[D]eav[D]in[D5]g r[D]igh[D]t [D5]awa[D]y, [D]  [D5]   [D]
[G]Go[G5]ing[G] to[G] m[G5]y h[G]ome town, ...darling.
[D]'L[D5]eav[D]ing[D] r[D5]igh[D]t a[D]wa[D5]y, [D]   [D]  [D5]   [D]
[A]Go[A5]t t[A]o k[A]ee[A5]p on[A] trucking honey,
[D]Your[D5] plan[D] won't[D] ma[D5]ke m[D]e stay.

[D]Bye-[D5]bye l[D]ittle [D]gir[D5]l,  [D]Bye-bye!
[D]... [D5]  ...[D]  ... [D]  .[D5]..  [D]
[D]Ah, [D5]ah...[D] oh-oh[D]-oh[D5]-oh-[D]ah!


* = Octave Chords (12th fret = Nut).
1. Do warm-up your fingers and the strings before trying these chords, as the positions
the tempo, are very demanding.
2. My next step, to get a mandolin to learn and try this tune upon. I'm sure that
will result in a different interpretation.
3. When I'm duly inspired I'll follow-up with the 'finger picking' notation.
4. As there is a dearth of information about this tune, I'd appreciate your comments and

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applestead (report)

I've been trying this tune on a ukulele in the key of C. It works. And its not quite as complicated as a mandolin