Rule 62

Sent: Monday, December 22, 1997 4:41 PM
Song: Chains Band: Rule 62 Album: Rule 62 (1997) Written by Brian Coakley Transcribed by Luke Knox (
This is a great song by a great band, Rule 62.
Intro: (2x) E--------------------------------------------------------| B---1---2-1-------1---2-1---1---1---2-1-------1---2-1----| G-1---1-----1-1-1---1-----1---1---1-----1-1-1---1------1-| D--------------------------------------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------------|
(cont.) E--------------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------1---2-1-------1---2-1---| G---1---2-1--------3---4-3---1-1---1-----1-1-1---1-----1-| D-2---2-----2--4-4---4-----4-----------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: G# F# G# C# E---4-----2-----4-----4-----| B---4-----2-----4-----6-----| G---5-----3-----5-----6-----| D---6-----4-----6-----6-----| A---------------------------| E---------------------------|
Riff: "Do it all over again. . . . " E-4-------------4--------------| B---2-1-1s2s1-----2-1-1s2s1--4-| G-------------1----------------| D------------------------------| A------------------------------| E------------------------------|
Chorus: F# C# G# E--2----4----4-------------|
B--2----6----4-------------| G--3----6----5-------------| D--4----6----6-------------| A--4----4----6--4-2-2------| E--2----4----4---------4-2-|
Repeat this a few times, then play: E----------| B----------| G----------| D----------| A-4-4---2b-| E-----4----| Then go straight into the solo.
Solo: E---------------------------------------| B-----4-4-----------7-4-----------------| G---------6-5b--5-6-----6-5s6s5s6-------| D---------------------------------------| A-(2b)----------------------------------| E---------------------------------------|
Play this over the last chorus: E-4~~~~~~--- B-----------| G-----------|
One more thing: End on this: E--------| B--------| G-4~~~~~-
I hope you like the tab! Thanks, and e-mail me with any comments, questions or changes. Luke
Lyrics: (Verse) Lie to get what you want and then, lie to get what you can again, lie to fill up your spoon again. Lie, do it all over again. (Chorus) Chains Chains (Verse) Lie, shake and sweat again, lie to fool your friends again, lie, fill up your arm again. Lie, do it all over again. Chains Chains Chains Chains That I can't break That I can't break Lie to myself so why should I even pretend, when I'm a slave and I can't stop.

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