Each Passing Night

Sam Milby

Each passing night, I try close my eyes
But thoughts of you, they wake me up
And tear me insie out

Each passing night, I ask myself who's right
And try to find the reasons why
It had to end that night

Chorus 1:

Didn't we share each other's dreams
We held each other tight, and tears fell from my eyes
As you walked and left me here,
Like the wind you passed me by I try but I can't see
If it's something that I said, Baby please won't you tell me now
Cause it gets harder each passing night

I often pray, that you'd come back and stay
E DM7 C#m7 Bm70E
We've had too much together, To ever Live a part
I'll wait and see, Cause I know and I believe
Someday you'll come to realize
What you and I can be

Chorus 2:

Then we'll share each other's dreams
We'll hold each other tight
Kiss the tears that burn my eyes
Cause you walked and left me here
Like the wind you passed me by
I try but I can't see, If it's something that I said
Baby please won't you tell me now
cause it gets harder each passing night


I never meant to hurt your heart this way
Sooner or later, There'd be someone elese who'd stay

Adlib: C#m-F#m7-Bm

 Didn't we share each other's dream
We held each other tight
And tears fell from my eyes
As you walked and left me here

A9 B7 Bm Bm7 C C#m C#m7 D Dm7 Dm E F F#m F#m7 Fdim7 G
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