Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve – Thunderbird From the album ‘I Started Out With Nothin' And I Got Most Of It Left' and the EP ‘It's good'
Tuning – This is a tricky one, technically all you need to do is drop your A down to a G Steve plays it on his 3-stringed guitar, but if you want to play all raw and ramshackle Steve does, I'd recommend tuning to open G (DGDGBD) so if you hit the 1st or 6th strings at least be in the right key. Don't be afraid of hitting the middle D string, it fine since it's just adding the 5th to the G chord that makes up most of the song. if you have a no-name 3-stringed guitar it will be much easier!
To get the tone of the 3-string Trance Wonder use your neck pickup and fingers and crank gain.
“Goin' up north…”
D|-------------------------------------------------| B|--5h6---6-6-6-6--5--3----------------------------| G|----0---0-0-0-0--0--0----------------------------| x8 D|-------------------------------------------------| G|-0--0---0-0-0-0--0--0—0h3------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------|
“Stealin' Thunderbird…”
D|-------------------------------------------------| B|----11---8--6--6-6--6-8--------------------------| G|----0----0--0--0-0--0-0--------------------------| x8 D|-------------------------------------------------| G|-0--0----0--0--0-0--0----------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------|

Repeat the verse and chorus
D|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------| G|------0-------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------| G|--0-----0h3---(x16)—12----------------------------|-(hit string to beat whilst D|-------------------------sliding to 0)------------|
Repeat breakdown, then go back into the chorus
D|-------------------------------------------------| B|--0----------------------------------------------| G|--0----------------------------------------------| D|--------(strum for 2 bars, use fretting hand-----| G|--0------to grab your slide!)--------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------|
Slide break
D|-------------------------------------------------| B|--0-/--12-0--0--0--0-/-12-0----------------------| G|--0-/--12-0--0--0--0-/-12-0----------------------| x2 D|-------------------------------------------------| G|--0-/--12-0--0--0--0-/-12-0----------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------|
After this, just ad lib sliding those 3 open string notes between open, 3rd and 12th fret.
That's it, remember, the more rough and out of control the better!

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