Cops Or Dildos

Second Floor Daycare

Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 11:03:15 -0600 (MDT)
e-|-------------------------------| B-|-------------------------------| repeat a whole bunch... its easy to G-|-9-9-9-9-----------------------|the change if you have the cd D-|-9-9-9-9-9-10--11-10-----------| A-|-7-7-7-7-9-10--11-10-----------| E-|---------7--8--9---8-----------|
e-|------------------------------| B-|------------------------------| G-|---------8/5---------8-7-6----| D-|-7-7-7-7-8/5-7-7-7-7-8-7-6-6--| A-|-7-7-7-7-6/3-7-7-7-7-6-5-4-6--| E-|-5-5-5-5-----5-5-5-5-------4--|
I couldn't get a real job so I decided to be a cop... got a badge a gun and now i"m on a powertrip from hell... I'm fine as long as the chiefs not a woman...
are they cops...or dildos... are they cocks...or dildos
I'll shoot you if you smoke marijauna... I'll love you if you shoot blacks... cause my departments run by the kkk... to them I do belong...
give me donuts give me donuts....I NEED A FUCKING DONUT!!!
are they cops...or dildos ...are they cocks ...or dildos
"my son is in a gang...I"m scared for his life...OH MY GAWD hes just been shot" "don't worry ma'am... I"ll call the cops"
but the cops are just so glad that theres another ghetto kid dead... they jump around for joy and give eachother head...
are they cops or dildo...are they cocks OR DILDOS...
(my friend gave me this... I"ve never heard this band b4)

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