Too Much Kissing

Senseless Things

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Tab for 'Too Much Kissing'by SENSELESS THINGS from the 'Postcard CV' LP
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Too Much Kissing -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Riff #1
G-----2---------2-| D---2-------2h4---| A-0-----0-0-------|
Riff #2
G-4-2---------| D-----4-2-0---| A-----------4-|
Riff #3
For the intro, and the 'Chorus' sections (i.e. the instrumental bits between the verses) play the following:
Riff #1 x3 Riff #2 Riff #1 x3 Riff #3
The verses are as follows (chugged i.e. RH muted power chords):
A We don't get the time now
F# Feeling like we're exiles
E Waiting by the corner
D Think you'd better walk on
We don't get the time now Feeling like we're exiles And if you don't know where you're going There's no way of knowing what's going wrong
The older that you get The more goes unsaid I should have picked you up on that But it's easier just to lie back

The older that you get The more goes unsaid I should have picked you up on that But it's easier just to lie back on your own
We don't get the time now We don't get the time now We don't get the time now Oh no
We don't get the time now We don't get the time now We don't get it We don't get the time now
If you have two guitarists, one plays the instrumental 'Chorus' section under the solo.
e-------------------------------------------------------| B-2-3-5-5h7-5-----5-5h7-5---------------------5---------| G-------------7-6---------7-6-7-6h7p6---7-6-7---7-6h7p6-| D-------------------------------------7-----------------| A-------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------|
e-----------------------------5------------------------------------| B-5-5-------5-5-----5-5h7-5-7---7-5-7-5-----5-5--------------------| G-----7-6-------7-6---------------------7-6-----7-6----------------| D---------7-----------------------------------------7-----7h9p7----| A-----------------------------------------------------7h9--------9-| E------------------------------------------------------------------|
e----------12----------------------------------12-------------9-| B-7-5-sl-7----10-10-10----10----10-10-10----10----10-10-10------| G----------------------11----11----------11----------------11---| D---------------------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------------------|
e-10p9h10p9----0-2-0-| B-----------10-------| G--------------------| D--------------------| A--------------------| E--------------------|
(Quiet bit, Bass solo which I haven't transcribed)
LOUD ENDING (same chords as for verse, but let 'em ring loud)
And if you've Got imagination You'll just grow jealous And say that's all too much
Well I hope I still believe That this room Ain't the place that I'll always return
Finish on A
Jon Eyre (1994) Anybody fancy tabbing 'Little Green Bag' from Reservoir Dogs?

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