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My Favorite Mistake  Sheryl Crow

[Bm]C       [7]8 [9]10[9] 1[7]0 [7]9 [7]8 8
C(1) X 3 2 0 1 0
[G]D       [3]X [5]X [5]0 [4]2 [3]3 [3]2
G6 3 2 0 0 3 0
F#m#5 2 0 0 0 3 X
Em 0 2 2 0 0 0
Em+ X X 2 X X X -or- X X 4 X X X -or- X X 2 X X X
X X 0 X X X -or- X 2 X X X X
Bm(1) X 2 4 4 3 2
A# X 1 3 3 3 1
[F]        [1]  [3]  [3]  [2]  [1]  [1]                   

Intro: Bm7 - B7sus4 - ( 8 TIMES).

[A]I woke up and c[Bm]alled this morning

[A]The tone of your v[Bm]oice was a warning
[C]That you don't c[G]are for me any[Bm7]more[-]  [B7sus4]       [-]  [Bm7]    [-]  [B7sus4]
[A]I made up the [Bm]bed we sleep in
[A]I looked at the [Bm]clock when you creep in
[C]It's 6 a.m. a[G]nd  I'm a[Bm7]lone[-]  [B7sus4]       [-]  [Bm7]    [-]  [B7sus4]
[D]Did you [G6-F#m#5]know when y[Em]ou go It's the pe[C(1]rfect ending
[D]To the [G6-F#m#5]bad day I was[Em] just be[Em+]ginning
[D]When you [G6-F#m#5]go all I kno[Em]w is   You'[C(1]re my favorite m[G]istake [C(1]

Bm7 - B7sus4 - Bm7 - B7sus4 / Bm7 - B7sus4 - Bm7 - B7sus4

[A]Well, your friends are[Bm] sorry for me

[A]They watch you pr[Bm]etend to adore me
[C]But I'm no [G]fool to this [Bm7]game[-]  [B7sus4]       [-]  [Bm7]    [-]  [B7sus4]
[A]Now here comes your s[Bm]ecret lover
[A]She'd be unlike any [Bm]other
[C]Until your [G]guilt goes up in [Bm7]flam[-]es[B7sus4]       [-]  [Bm7]    [-]  [B7sus4]
[D]Did you [G6-F#m#5]know when you [Em]go  It's the pe[C(1]rfect ending
[D]To the bad[G6-F#m#5] day I've gotten[Em] used to s[Em+]pending
[D]When you [G6-F#m#5]go all I kno[Em]w is   You[C(1]'re my favorite mista[G]ke
[C(1]You're my favorite mista[G]ke    [C(1]
[Bm(1]Well maybe nothin'[A#] lasts forever
[F]Even when you stay [G]together
[Bm(1]I don't need for[A#]ever after
[F]It's your laughter won't let [Em]me go
[Em]So I'm holding on this [Em]way
[D]   [G6-F#m#5-]          [Em]    [C(1]       [G]    [C(1]         
[D]Did you [G6-F#m#5]know, could yo[Em]u tell You were [C(1]the only one

[D]That  I [G6-F#m#5] ever      [Em] loved[Em+]

[D]Now  [G6-F#m#5-]everything's   [Em]so    wr[C(1]ong    [G]    [C(1]
[D]Did you  [G6-F#m#5]see me     [Em]walking   [C(1]by
[D]Did it  [G6-F#m#5-]ever   make   [Em]you   [Em+] cry [-]   [D]  [-]  [G6-F#m#5]         [Em]
[Em]You're my[C(1] favorite mi[G]stake
[C(1]You're my favorite mi[G]stake
C(1) G C(1) Bm(1)-(FADE-OUT).
You're my favorite mistake

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A A# B7sus4 Bm Bm7 C D Em F G
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