Already Dead


Silverstein Already Dead Discovering The Waterfront 2005 Submitted by:
Key: E
Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Chords used: C#m - x46654 A - x02220 B - x24442 E/G# - 476xxx
Silent: C#m Very fast e|-------------------------------------------------|-------------|---------| B|-------------------------------------------------|-------------|---------| G|-------------1---1---2---2-------------1-2---1-2-|-------------|---------| D|---1-2---1-2---2---2---1---1-4-1-4-1-------------|-4h6p4p2h4p2-|-1---1-2-| A|-4-----4-----------------------------4-----4-----|-------------|---4-----| E|-------------------------------------------------|-------------|---------|
Distortion: A---, still do the silent riff
Verse 1: C#m A B You won't find me here C#m A B The place that you C#m A B expected me to be C#m A B In my bed on the second floor
Growl: A E/G# I'm outside your house A E/G# I'm closing in on you
Verse 2: C#m A B And all the times you smiled C#m A B You said "Hello and C#m A B thought I was okay C#m A I was planning your B final struggle"
Chorus: C#m A B When you wake C#m A B up I'll be there When you see me you'll C#m A B be on your back again When you when you when you C#m when you know you're A B already dead You will love me too
Verse 3: C#m A B You will find me here C#m A B The place you least C#m A B expected me to be C#m A Breaking through your B basement window
Growl: A E/G# I'm outside your room A E/G# I can hear you breathe
Verse 4: C#m A B And all the times you laughed C#m A B You shook my hand and C#m A B thought I was your friend C#m A I was planning B your tragic ending
(Repeat Chorus)
Interlude: C#m--A x2
Bridge: C#m A You'll look down on me C#m A C#m With eyes of endless tragedy A Try and stop the pain C#m A B But there's never closure C#m A B Find your solace in what C#m A B(hold) you could have
Growl: C#m A B C#m A B BEEN!!! When they look for me C#m A B The evidence is buried deep C#m A Try to guide the way B into the darkness
(Repeat chorus)
Growl: C#m Looking down on me Through eyes that never stop crying Looking down on me Will you ever look away

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