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Going Your Way  Simon Brading

The s[A2]tars in their courses above[A2/C#]
Shine for Your g[D2]lory; You al[A2]one are God
By Yo[A2]u every mountain was formed[A2/C#]
To tell of the s[D2]tory; You al[A2]one are God
[F#m]Eternally wor[D2]thy of prai[A]se
[F#m]We join with [D2]creation and sing [Esus4]           [E]

Lord, for a[A2]ll that You are
For all [A2/C#]that You've done
[F#m]I will praise You    [D2]
Lord, for a[A2]ll that You are
For all [A2/C#]that You'll do
[F#m]I will praise You    [D2]


The roar of Your thunder and rain
Tell of Your power; You alone are God
The people You've called and redeemed
Bow in surrender; You alone are God
Eternally worthy of praise
We join with creation and sing

Never en[A2]ding, unfa[A/G]iling
Everlast[F#m]ing, unf[Dmaj7]ading
You a[A2]re

02. Going Your Way

[A]All we have is Yours, we're giving
[A]All the praise to You, we're living
[D]All our days for You, we're goin[G]g Your way  [A]
We w[A]alk the road of full submission
[A]To Your word and Your commission
[D]Follow where You lead ev[G]eryday  [A]
We're going Your w[A]ay

[D]We're all in, everything we have is Yo[A]urs,
We g[A]ive it all to You singing
[D]We're all in, everything we have
[E]It's time to give, it's time to go
[G]It's time to follow Y[D]ou;
'Cause we're going Your w[A]ay!
[A]Our response to all You've given
[A]Goes beyond these songs we're singing
[D]Oh, to live a life that h[G]onours Your nam[A]e
[A]We run the race with perserverence
[A]Confident for You are with us
[D]All that's hindering, we t[G]hrow it away  [A]
[A]We're going Your way
[A]A full surrender we will bring
Nothing less than everything

Jesus, You'll always be our song

For Your name we journey on

03. I'll Sing

Intro: G Em7 C2 Am

[G]You are the rock on which [Em]I stand
[G]All that surrounds is sink[Em]ing sand
[C]Days of darkness may shadow[G/B] my pat[D]h
But I [Em]know I'm h[Cmaj7]eld in Your hand[D]

Seasons will may change but You remain
Even through drought and tears of pain
Safe within Your truth I'll stay
For I'm Yours, I'm held in Your hand

I'll sin[G]g through tears [Em]and the smiles
I'll sing[D] through rain[C] or shine
I'll sin[G]g of une[Em]nding grace
I'll sing j[D]ust to give Y[C]ou praise, my Lord[G]

[G]        [Em]        [A/C#]        [Cmaj7]             

All earthly things will fade away
Your promises Lord remain the same
Trials may come from day to day
Still, I know I'm held in Your hands

[Am]   A [G/B]time will come [D]when suffering will end  [Am]
But u[G/B]ntil that day [D]
You [F]won't abandon m[C]e
Forever I'll sta[Am]nd, h[G/B]eld in Your h[Dsus4]and    [D]
04. Justified

[Am]I've been j[Am/G#]ustified, rec[Am/G]onciled to G[D7/F#]od
[Dm7]From the d[Am]eath I died, I'm r[Fmaj7]aised to life in You[Esus4]       [E]
[Am]I'm being s[Am/G#]anctified, pu[Am/G]rified withi[D7/F#]n
[F]  I'm st[C]anding on these t[Esus4]ruths  [E]

[C]I will s[G/B]ing of the l[Am]ove of C[Am/G]alvary![F]
A [F]song from deep w[Gm]ithin to t[C]hank You
[C]I will s[G/B]ing of Your [Am]blood th[Am/G]at flow[F]ed for me
No[F]w all I have wit[Gm]hin is You[C]rs

You were crucified, laid inside a tomb
Through Your sacrifice, my freedom's in Your wounds
Now You're glorified, raised to life by God
I'm standing on these truth

[F]                    [Fm]                 

05. I'm Alive

[A2]There’s no condemnation
In this salvation I’m free.
Sin I was slave to now has no power over me.
[F#m]I don’t deserve it,
Have not earned it
[A2/E]It’s Your grace on me   [B/D#]
And now [D2]my heart is free  [E]

[A2]I’m alive in Jesus Christ
And I know it’s not ‘cause of me.
Jesus, Your ligh[D2]t has opened my eyes    [Dm]
I’m fr[A]ee   [E]

Objects of wrath
Redeemed at the cross from our sin
Chosen and living, forever forgiven by Him
I don’t deserve it, have not earned it
It’s Your grace on me
And now my heart is free

Jesus Your blood will speak of Your love for all time
Grace for today and hope for tomorrow is mine
I don’t deserve it, have not earned it
It’s Your grace on me
And now my heart is free

[A2]It’s a celebration of Your grace
[G]Celebration of Your grac[D2/F#]e
With a s[A2]ong of love and a shout of praise
[G]Celebration   [D2/F#]

06. Many Times

[Bm]Endless mercy falls d[A/C#]own like a flood[D]
Each [G]time I wonder a[Asus4]stray
[Bm]Slow to anger, abound[A/C#]ing in love     [D]
I fin[G]d no end to You[Asus4]r grace
But I'm f[Em]ound within Your e[Asus4]mbrace

[G]Many times have I fa[Asus4]llen ast[D]ray
[G]Many times have I f[Asus4]ailed
[G]Lord, Your mercy has f[Bm]ound me
Just as I [G]am, You've turned me a[Asus4]round

East to west is a distance unknown
In truth they never will meet
Just as far now I live from my shame
Removed forever from me
Now I'll live forgiven and free

[G]You love m[Asus4]e, You cleanse me
[Bm]You wash me [G]whiter than the s[Em]now
You catch me, [Bm]You hold me
[G]Your love will [A]never let me go

07. You Reign


Though I w[C]alk upon g[G/B]round that is ru[F/A]gged and uneve[C/E]n
Your fai[F2]thful hand won't le[C]ad me astray [G]
Through the [C]rain and the [G/B]clouds, where the s[F/A]un is barely s[C/E]hining
Your gra[F2]ce surrounds my l[C]ife every d[Dm]ay
[C/E]Every da[G]y

You reign[C],      [G/B]
[Am]Yesterday, today[Am/G], foreverm[F2]ore   [C/E]
Forev[Dm7]ermore     [G]
You reign[C],      [G/B]
[Am]In every circums[Am/G]tance
You are [F2]good, You are [Fm/Ab]good

And You hold in Your hands every star the sun and moon
Yet those hands are marred and wounded from nails
Precious blood at the cross was poured out for the nations,
And this love that drove salvation never fails
Your love never fails
[Am]You rule the world
[G/B]You rule the world, You reign   [C]
You are the [F/A]Name above all names
The [G/B]King above all kings, You reign [C]

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