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Limited Edition

Snow Patrol

------------------------------------------------------------------------Limited Edition - Snow patrol Tabbed by: Email:crazy_guitar_phsyco@yahoo.com
intro e|--0--2---------2---2---2-----0--2-----------3---3---3-----------| B|--------2--3---3---3---3-----------3--------0---0---0-----------| G|---------------2---2---2---------------2----0---0---0-----------| D|--------------------------------------------0---0---0-----------| x2 A|--------------------------------------------2---2---2-----------| E|--------------------------------------------3---3---3-----------|
Verse (1) (2) e|--0--2---------|-2---2---2---2----3---3---3---3----| B|--------2--3---|-3---3---3---3----0---0---0---0----| G|---------------|-2---2---2---2----0---0---0---0----| x 5 1/2 (go to Em D|---------------|------------------0---0---0---0----| the 5th time inst- A|---------------|------------------2---2---2---2----| ead of G) E|---------------|------------------3---3---3---3----| CHORUS e|---0---0---1---0---0---2-----------| B|---0---0---1---0----------2---3----| G|---0---0---2---0-------------------| x1 the go to 2nd part of verse and D|---2---2---3---2-------------------| play 5 1/2 times then go to chorus A|---2---2---3---2-------------------| then repeat intro and end on D chord. E|---0---0---1---0-------------------|

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