Canvas Spill

Valiant The Spill Canvas One Fell Swoop Tuning: half Step Down [Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb] JJ Murphy [Nataku]
I think I did more justice this time than my first submit. This one has the intro almost
note-for-note. The ending is a little sloppy and the verse is almost the same as the
(guitar 1) - Intro eb|-x---x-----------------x---x-------------------xx------------------xx-----------------| Bb|-x---x-----------------x---x-------------------xx------------------xx-----------------| Gb|-x---x-----------------x---x-------------------xx------------------xx-----------------| Db|-x-3-x-3-----------2p0-x-0-x-5-0-2p0-0h5p0-----xx-3------------2p0-xx-5-0-2p0-3p0-2p0-| Ab|-x-3-x-3--0-3p0-5p0----x-5-x-5-----------------xx-3-0-0-3p0-5p0----xx-5---------------| Eb|-x-1-x-1---------------x-3-x-3-----------------xx-1----------------xx-3---------------| . . . . . . . .. . .
(Cont'd [and this is almost the verse]) Guitar 1 eb|-x-x----------------x-x----------| Bb|-x-x-0--0---0-------x-x----0---0-| Gb|-x-x-0--0---0-0---0-x-x----0---0-| Db|-x-x-3--5/7\5-0---0-x-x-5--5/7\5-| (repeat) Ab|-x-x-3--------5/7\5-x-x-5--------| Eb|-x-x-1--------------x-x-3--------|
Guitar 2
eb|-------------------| Bb|-------------------| Gb|-------------------| Db|-0-2p0-3p0-5p0-3p0-| Ab|-------------------| Eb|-------------------|
Guitar 1 (Verse & Chorus)
Same as intro. Just a bit faster.
Chorus -
eb|-xx------0-0-x-0-x-0-| Bb|-xx------1-0-x-0-x-0-| Gb|-xx------0-0-x-0-x-0-| Db|-xx-5/7--2-5-x-7-x-3-| Ab|-xx-5/7--3-5-x-7-x-3-| Eb|-xx-3/5--0-3-x-5-x-1-|
Slow Part (guitar 1)
Basically Cmaj, Amin, and Gmaj(?).
C Am G |-0-----3| |-1--1--3| |-0--2--0| |-2--2--0| |-3-----2| |-------3|
C Am G I need to feel your warm body on me...
It basically follows that pattern.
Guitar 2 (Slow Part)
other than the messes with a C chord (just basically hammering on/pulling-off
the 3,2 and 0h2. Doesnt touch the b string though.)
...Please Keep Holding onto me... |--------------------------33x--00x--0~------------------| |--------------------------33x--11x--1~------------------| |-----0---------0----------00x--00x--2~------------------| |----2-2-0-----2-2-0-------00x--22x--2~------------------| |-0-3-------0-3------------22x--33x----------------------| |--------------------------33x----x----------------------|
^ upstroke . palm mute / slide up \ slide down x muted p pull on h hammer on

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