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Peg  Steely Dan



[G6/9]      [F#7#9]        [F6/9]      [E7#9]       [Eb6/9]       [D7#9]   


[Cmaj7]        [Gsus2/B]         [Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]  I've seen your

[Cmaj7]picture   [Gsus2]       [Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]your name in lights

a[Cmaj7]bove it  [Gsus2]       [Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]this is your

[Fmaj7]big    de-[Csus2]but    [Fmaj7]       [Csus2]    it's like a

[Cmaj7]dream come [Gsus2]true   [Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]  so won't you

[Gmaj7]smile for [Dsus2]the camera   [Fmaj7]       [Csus2]I know you're gonna

[Cmaj7]love it  [Gsus2]       [Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]


I've got your pin shot
I keep it with your letter
Done up in blue-print blue
It sure looks good on you
So won't you smile for the camers
I know they're gonna love it Peg


[Cmaj7]Peg    [Gsus2/B] it will come [Am11]back to [E7sus4]you

[Cmaj7]Peg    [Gsus2/B] it will come [Am11]back to [E7sus4]you

[Asus2/C#]Then      [C6/9]    the shutter [G]falls [F#7]

You see it [Bm7]all [E7#9]in   [Am7]3D it's your [C/D]favourite foreign [Cmaj7]movie  [Gsus2]

[Cmaj7]       [Gsus2]        [F#m7]      [Bm7]     [Em7]     [Bm7]     [C6/9] 

Then it repeats the intro sequence of descending chords and
goes into the solo.

Chords for the solo are the same as for the verses.

The rest is just repeats.

Chord Shapes :

for convenience : a=10,b=11,c=12 etc

(So an E shape bar chord at the 9th fret would be 9bba99 )

  [EADGBE]xa99ax    [EADGBE]x989ax    [EADGBE]x8778x    [EADGBE]x7678x    [EADGBE]x6556x    [EADGBE]x5456x

   [G6/9]          [F#7#9]          [F6/9]          [E7#9]   [Eb6/9] [D7#9] 
  [EADGBE]x3x453    [EADGBE]x2x233    [EADGBE]3xx233    [EADGBE]x8x9a8    [EADGBE]9xx899    [EADGBE]xaxbca

   [Cmaj7]         [Gsus2/B]           [Gsus2]          [Fmaj7]   [Csus2] [Gmaj7] 
  [EADGBE]axx9aa    [EADGBE]x0xcda    [EADGBE]0xxefc    [EADGBE]9x99ax    [EADGBE]8x778x    [EADGBE]355433

  [Dsus2]           [Am11]         [E7sus4]          [Asus2/C#]    [C6/9] [G] 
  [EADGBE]242322    [EADGBE]7x7777    [EADGBE]5x5555    [EADGBE]xx0553    [EADGBE]2x2222    [EADGBE]079787

    [F#7]         [Bm7]          [Am7]           [C/D]  [F#m7] [Em7]