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Queen And The Soldier  Suzanne Vega

The [Am]soldier came [Am]knocking upo[F]n the queen's d[F]oor
He said, "[Cadd9]I am not fi[G]ghting for [Cadd9]you anymo[G]re"
And the [Am]queen knew she'd [Am]seen his face [F]   someplace before
And s[C]lowly she l[G]et him in[Cadd9]side

He said, "[Am]I've watched your [Am]palace up he[F]re on the hi[F]ll
And I've [Cadd9]wondered who's the w[G]oman for [Cadd9]whom we all k[G]ill
But I am [Am]leaving to[Am]morrow, and you can d[F]o what you wil[F]l
Only f[C]irst I am a[G]sking you [Cadd9]why"

Do[F]wn the l[F]ong narr[C9]ow hall he was l[C9]ed
[D7sus4]Into her [D7sus4]room with her [D7]tapestries [Dm]red
And [Am]she never [Am]once took the cr[F]own from her h[F]ead
She as[C]ked him t[G]here to sit [Cadd9]down
He said, "I s[Am]ee you n[Am]ow and you are [F]so very yo[F]ung
But I've s[Cadd9]een more battles l[G]ost than [Cadd9]I have battles w[G]on
And I've [Am]got this intu[Am]ition says it's a[F]ll for your f[F]un
And [C]now will [G]you tell me w[Cadd9]hy?"
Well the y[Am]oung queen, she f[Am]ixed him with an arr[F]ogant eye  [F]
She said, "You w[Cadd9]on't understan[G]d, and you m[Cadd9]ay as well not t[G]ry"
But her f[Am]ace was a chi[Am]ld's, and he t[F]hought she would c[F]ry
But she c[C]losed herself [G]up like a [Cadd9]fan
And she [F]said, "I have s[F]wallowed a s[C9]ecret burning th[C9]read
It [D7sus4]cuts me ins[D7sus4]ide and o[D7]ften I've b[Dm]led"
And he l[Am]aid his hand t[Am]hen on the t[F]op of her h[F]ead
And h[C]e bowed her do[G]wn to the gr[Cadd9]ound
"Tell me [Am]how hungry are y[Am]ou, how w[F]eak you must f[F]eel
As you are [Cadd9]living here al[G]one and you are n[Cadd9]ever reveal[G]ed
But I [Am]won't march ag[Am]ain on yo[F]ur battlefi[F]eld"
And he t[C]ook her to the w[G]indow to s[Cadd9]ee
And the s[Am]un it was g[Am]old, though the [F]sky it was g[F]rey
And [Cadd9]she wanted m[G]ore than she [Cadd9]ever could s[G]ay
But she [Am]knew how it [Am]frightened her and [F]she turned aw[F]ay
And would [C]not look at [G]his face [Cadd9]again
He said, "[F]I want to [F]live as [C9]an honest [C9]man
To [D7sus4]get all I des[D7sus4]erve and to g[D7]ive all I c[Dm]an
And to l[Am]ove a young w[An]oman whom I [F]don't underst[F]and
Your h[C]ighness, your wa[G]ys are very st[Cadd9]range"
But the cr[Am]own, it had fal[Am]len, and she th[F]ought she would br[F]eak
And she s[Cadd9]tood there ash[G]amed of the [Cadd9]way her heart ac[G]hed
And she t[Am]ook him to the d[Am]oorstep and she as[F]ked him to w[F]ait
She would o[C]nly be a m[G]oment ins[Cadd9]ide
(play chords sharply)
[Am]Out in the [Am]distance her or[F]der was h[F]eard
And the sol[C]dier was ki[G]lled still wait[C]ing for her wo[G]rd
A[F]nd while the queen went on strangling in the solitude she preferred
The battl[C]e   [G]    continued on [C]    [G]


fade on Cadd9

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Am C C9 Cadd9 D7 D7sus4 Dm F G
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