Like O Like H

Tegan and Sara

Title: Like O, Like H Artist: Tegan and Sara
(Props to optional_joy who corrected these tabs!)
Tuning: e B D (tune G down to D) D G (tune A down to G) E
Intro: e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| D|---0-----2-----2---0-----2------| D|-----4-----4---------4-----4----| repeat x2 G|-4-----4-----4---4-----4-----4--| E|--------------------------------|
(When I was eight, I was sure...) x4 x2 e|---------|--------------------------------| B|---------|--------------------------------| D|---------|---0-----2-----2---0-----2------|
D|---0---0-|-----4-----4---------4-----4----| repeat all x2 G|-0---0---|-4-----4-----4---4-----4-----4--| E|---------|--------------------------------|
(Oh, Oh, Sugar spell it out like...) e|-----------------| B|-----------------| D|-----------------| D|---4---4---4---4-| repeat x6 G|-4---4---0---0---| E|-----------------|
(Oh, like O, Like H in your gut...) e|-------------------|------------------| B|-------------------|------------------| D|-------------------|------------------| D|-12-----12-9-----9-|---4---7---2---2--| x4 G|----0-0------0-0---|-4---7---2---2----| E|-------------------|------------------|
(...In your gut) e|--------------------| B|--------------------| D|--------------------| D|--12-----12-9-----9-| x4 G|-----0-0------0-0---| E|--------------------|

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