And It Spread

Avett Brothers

Avett Brothers - And It Spread Capo is on the 2nd Fret all chords from there.
Quickly here The Verses are
Csus2 ??? G E----3----5----3-| B----3----5----0-| G----5----7----0-| D----5----7----0-| A----3----5----2-| E----x----x----3-|
Chorus Is B7b(?) Em C G E----0----0----0----3-| B----0----0----1----0-| G----2----0----0----0-| D----1----2----2----0-| A----2----2----3----2-| E----x----0----x----3-| And it Spread Into..Heart

Bridge Or so they say... Em C G Bm E----0----0----3----2-| B----0----1----0----2-| G----0----0----0----4-| D----2----2----0----4-| A----2----3----2----2-| E----0----x----3----x-|
Now in the Chorus when the hold and say "And It Spread" for the second time stop on Em go back to B7b. And Spread it all over again!
I'm not sure if I named the chords right but this has to be correct. Also right before the bridge they play two chords My guesses are E----5----7-| B----5----7-| G----7----9-| D----7----9-| A----5----7-| E----x----x-| But I'm not certain so I didn't toss them in, don't really need em either.

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