Sky High Mckay


Sky High McKay by Therapy?
This is on the Teethgrinder single and the Japanese issue of the Nurse album.
Main riff ---------
|D-C-D-F---D-C-D-|G#G-F-G---F-D-C-|D-C-D-F---D-C-D--------------------| |G#G-F-G---F-D-C---|
Unfortunately, if you are in standard tuning this can't be played low down because you can't get the low D and C. So, there are three ways to fix this.
1) raise the last D and C:
|D-C-D-F---D-C-D-|G#G-F-G---F-D-C-|D-C-D-F---D-C-D-|------------D-C-| |G#G-F-G---F-----|
2) play the whole thing one octave up on the guitar (this doesn't help the bass player of course)
3) tune your guitar down four steps to C (or at least, the bottom four strings).
Method 1:
E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|------3---------|6-5-3-5---3-----|------3---------|----------------|
A|5-3-5-----5-3-5-|------------5-3-|5-3-5-----5-3-5-|------------5-3-| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|4-3-1-3---1-----|
Method 2:
E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|------A---------|D-C-A-C---A-----|------A---------|----------------| D|C-A-C-----C-A-C-|------------C-A-|C-A-C-----C-A-C-|----------------| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|B-A-8-A---8-----| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|------------A-8-|
Method 3:
C|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D#|------2---------|5-4-2-4---2-----|------2---------|----------------| Bb|4-2-4-----4-2-4-|------------4-2-|4-2-4-----4-2-4-|----------------| F|----------------|----------------|----------------|3-2-0-2---0-----| C|----------------|----------------|----------------|------------2-0-|
So, the bass plays it once, then the guitar joins in and plays it twice (with more bends the second time round), and then the guitar moves to an octave higher plus squeals. (You can use method 1 for the lower part and method 2 for the octave up)
E5/B A5 Bb5 B5 C5 C#D5 E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|---some sort of twiddling here---|----------------|----------------| G|9---------------|----------------|2---3---4---5---|6-7-------------| D|9---------------|----------------|2---3---4---5---|6-7-------------| A|7---------------|----------------|0---1---2---3---|4-5-------------| E|7---------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Repeat: E5 B5
Back to the bass doing the main riff which is does twice, and then it finishes on a D.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This transcription was done by Alex Kruczkowski (
You can find the web's most comprehensive archive of Therapy? tablature at . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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