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The Way That It Shows  Richard Thompson


  [EADGBE]3x2013  [EADGBE]320003  [EADGBE]xx0231  [EADGBE]x02210  [EADGBE]x24432  [EADGBE]244322
  [EADGBE]x13331  [EADGBE]355333  [EADGBE]xx0230  [EADGBE]x24430  [EADGBE]355363  [EADGBE]355353
  [EADGBE]022101  [EADGBE]022100  [EADGBE]x02230  [EADGBE]x02020
Verse 1

You're going to [G6sus4]give yourself aw[G]ay o[G6sus4]ne of these [G]nights

Your [G6sus4]gaze of comp[G]assion just a l[G6sus4]ittle too r[G]ight
Your [G6sus4]hug of en[G]couragement a [G6sus4]little too [G]tight
And then he'll [Dm]know[Am]; it's the little things [Bm]betra[F#]y
You're going to [G6sus4]give yourself [G]away to [G6sus4]some Casan[G]ova
On the [G6sus4]spills and [G]stains of the [G6sus4]backstage [G]sofa
He'll [G6sus4]catch you [G]yawning with [G6sus4]one leg [G]over
And there's the [Dm]sin;[Am] must be the enemy [Bb]with[Gm]in

And that's the [Dm]way that it shows[Dsus2]       [Dm]   [Dsus2]

That's the [Bm]way that it show[Bmadd4]s       [Bm]    [Bmadd4]
That's the [Gm7]way that it shows[Gm6]     [Gm7]    [Gm6]
The [E(b9]way that it [E]shows [E(b9]       [E]
That's the [Dm]way that it sh[Dsus2]ows    [Dm]    [Dsus2]
That's the [Bm]way that it shows[Bmadd4]        [Bm]    [Bmadd4]
[Gm7]A slip of the tongue[Gm6],    [Gm7] a squeeze of the [Gm6]hand
That's the [E]way that it shows [Asus4]       [A7]
Verse 2

There's glycerine in the tears; rouge in the blush
Your artful stammer a little too rushed
All passion to the eye, all cold to the touch
And then he'll guess; your mind has drifted in the kiss

There's a chink in your armour, a crack in your defences
Your iron will gives way to your senses
Your whispered sweet nothings all sound like expenses
And that's enough; he won't believe your words of love


And that's the way that it shows; that's the way that it shows
Yes, that's the way that it shows; the way that it shows
That's the way that it shows; that's the way that it shows
A slip of the tongue, a squeeze of the hand
That's the [E(b9]way that it sh[E]ows   [E(b9]       [E]

... then carry on with chorus chords over solo & fade


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A7 Am Asus4 Bb Bm Bmadd4 Dm Dsus2 E F# G G6sus4 Gm Gm6 Gm7
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