Walking On A Wire

Richard Thompson

The Get Up Kids - Walking On A Wire
I first tabbed this 2 years ago, then looking for it again on the internet I found only half the song, so I thought I'd do it again. It's still a great song to play, and still sounds good all these years later.
If you are covering this song in a band, make sure you are always Guitar 2:
Guitar 1 plays something like this throughout E----------------------| B------2---------------| G---2-----2------------| D----------------------| A----------------------| E----------------------|
Maybe it's part of an A Chord? Who knows, you can't really hear it anyway.
Guitar 2, however, gets these parts:
/=slide down =slide up
Riff 1 ()= only play 2nd time []= alternative notes E--9------------------------------------------------------| B-----9---10----------------------------------------------| G------------9---11------6--------------------------------|x2 D--------------------9--[11]------7-----6-----------------| A--------------------------------[12]--[11]----7(9)-------| E---------------------------------------------[12]--------|
Obviously you can all the notes in alternative places, but that's the only part I can't decide where I like playing it
Verse Riff E-------------------------------| B--9h10--9--7-------------------| G-----------------9h11---9------|x2 D---------------------------11--| A-------------------------------| E-------------------------------|
Pre Chorus E---9/2--9-------------| B----------------------| G-------------------9--| D-------------11p9-----| A----------------------| E----------------------|
-Repeat Riff 1 once, but instead of the last 3 notes play:
Fill 1 E------------------------| B------------------------| G------------------------| D---6h7p6----------------| A----------79------------|
-Repeat Pre Chorus x1 -Repeat Riff 1 x2 -Repeat Verse Riff x2
Fill 1 E------------------------| B------------------------| G------------------------| D----9--7--6-------------| A-------------79---------| E------------------------|
-Repeat Pre Chorus x2 -Play Riff 1 x1, but stop on the 11 on the D -Play Fill 1 -Play Riff 1 x2 -Play Riff 1/Fill 1 combo
Bridge "Is this all..." "Is this all..." E---------------------------------|-------------------------|---------------------| B------------------10--10p9-------|--9h10p9-----------------|---------------------| G-------------9--------------11---|---------11--9h11--------|---------------------| *This is all slow, just listen D----11--11p9---------------------|-------------------9h11--|-9h11----------------| and you'll know how to play it. A---------------------------------|-------------------------|-------7/6--7p6------| E---------------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------79--|
-Repeat Riff 1/Fill 1 combo x2 -Repeat Pre Chorus x2 -Repeat Riff 1 x2 -Repeat Riff 1/Fill 1 combo -Repeat Riff 1 but leave the 11 on the D ringing
Riff 2 E--12-------------12-------------12---------| B---------10------------10----------10------| G-------------11------------11---------11---| x4 D-------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------|
Riff 3 E---9-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B------9--9h10p9--------------------------------------------------------------------------| G-----------------11---9--11---11-11-11-11-9------9---------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------11-----11---9--9--9/7--7--7/6--6--6h7p6-----| A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------79--| E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat Riff 2 x2 Then just change the rhythm and play for another 2 bars Play the start of Riff 3 again, then go back into the notes from Riff 2 By this point the song has reached its glorious climax, and you should be 'feeling it' so much that it doesn't really matter what notes you play, everyone will be impressed anyway.
Then the song fades out with the piano.

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