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18 Tracks  Tom Petty


                [Am]Its al[G]right if you [Am]love m[G]e,
                [Am]Its al[G]right if you [Am]don't [G]
                [Am]I'm not af[G]raid of you r[Am]unnin aw[G]ay honey,
                [Am]I got this f[G]eeling you[Fmaj7] won't
                Say [Am]there aint no u[G]se in pr[Am]etendi[G]ng,
                [Am]Your [G]eyes give you [Am]away [G]
                [Am]Something i[G]nside you is f[Am]eeling like [G]I do,
                [Am]We said all t[G]here is[Fmaj7] to say
Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f

                [Am]Breakd[G]own [F]go ahead and [G]give it to me
                [Am]Breakd[G]own t[F]ake me through the n[G]ight
                [Am]Breakd[G]own [F]go ahead giv[G]e it to me,
                [Am]Breakd[G]own its a[Fmaj7]lright,

Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f Fmaj7 G/f Am/f G/f Am G Am G
its alright its alright


[D] I ain't never gonna [A]let you [D]down
All you gotta do is [A]trust [D]me
I would never make [A]you some [Bm]clown
[D] Baby why won't you [A]trust [D]me

[G] You give up so [A]easily[G] I don't know why [D]you can't [A]see
[D] I[C]'m[G]  [C]dep[D]ending  on  [C]you[G], [C] don't  [D]let  me  [C]down  [G]
[C] I'm  de[D]pending  on  [C]you [A]
Baby if you can't change the world
Maybe you should just change yourself
You used to be such a sweet young girl
Why you wanna be someone else?

You give up so easily
I don't know why you can't see
I'm depending on you
Is it to late now
I'm depending on you


Well I [C#m]won't [B]back [E]down, no I [C#m]won't [B]back [E]down
You can [C#m]stand me [B]up at the [A]gates of hell
But I w[C#m]on't [B]back [E]down
Gonna [C#m]stand [B]my [E]ground, won't be [C#m]turne[B]d ar[E]ound
And I'll [C#m]keep this [B]world from [A]draggin' me down
Gonna st[C#m]and [B]my [E]ground and I [C#m]won't [B]back [E]down  [AE]
[A]He[E]y [B]baby[EA], there ain't no eas[E]y way [B]out  [E]
[A]he[E]y [B]I will [C#M]stand [B]my [E]ground and I [C#m]won't [B]back [E]down
Well I know what's right I got just one life
In a world that keep on pushin' me around
But I'll stand my ground and I won't back down

Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
Hey I will stand my ground and I won't back down
And I won't back down
No I wont't back down


Intro: B AE E DA B DA E DA

[B] There was a girl [D]in [A]town
[E] She said she car[D]ed about [A]me
[B] She tried to make [D]my [A]world
[E] The way she tought [D]it should [A]be
[G] Yeah we were [D]desperate [A]then
[G] To have each o[D]ther to hold
[A]But [B]lov[E]e is a [B]long, long [E]road
There were so many times
I would wake up at noon
With my head spinning 'round
I would wait for the moon
And give her one more chance
To try and save my soul
But love is a long, long road

Yeah it was hard to give up
Some things are hard to let go
Somethings are never enough
I guess I only can hope
For maybe one more chance
To try and save my soul
But love is a long, long road


It was a [E]beautiful day, the sun beat down
I had the [D]radio on. I was driv[E]in'
Trees flew by, me and Del was singin' little [D]runaway
I was [E]flyin'
Yeah I'm [A]runnin' [G]down a [E]dream
That [E]never would [G]come to [A]me
[A]Workin' on a [G]myste[E]ry, [E]goin' where[G]ver it [A]leads
[A]Runnin' [G]down a [E]dream

I felt so good like anything was possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last tree days the rain was un-stoppable
It was always cold, no sunshine


I rolled on as the sky grew dark
I put the pedal down to make some time
There's something good waitin' down this road
I'm pickin' up whatever's mine



Intro goes like this:
[G]  [D/F#]     [Asus4]      [D]    [G]  [D/F#]     [Asus4]             
D/F# 2xO23x
Asus4 xO223O

[A]Baby Dont It Feal Like H
[G]heaven right [D] now Dont it[A] Feal Like sin [G]  Dream     [D]   Yeah
[A]Ive never Known nothin [G] Quite like    [D]  This Dont it
[Bm]Feal like tonight Might never be again Baby
[A]We know better than to try and pretend honey
[A]no one could a ever told me bout this I said yeah yeah(yeah yeah)
[A]yeah yeah yeah The
[G]wait-[D/F#]ing is the[A] hardest   [D] part
[G]every[D/F#] day ya see [Asus4] one more card you[G] take it on   [D/F#] faith you
[A]take it to[D] the heart [G]the wait[D/F#] ing is th[Asus4]e hardest  [D]part

YER SO BAD - Petty

|- Am D G Am
|v My sister got lucky, married a yuppie
|r Am D G
|s took him for all he was worth
| Am D G Am
|1 now she's a swinger, dating a singer
| Am D G
|- I can't decide which is worse

pre- Em C D G Em C D G
chorus but not me baby, I've got you to save me

|c G D C G D C
|h oh yer so bad, best thing I ever had
|r G D C G D C D
|u in a world gone mad, yer so bad

|- Am D G Am
| My sister's ex-husband can't get no lovin'
|e Am D G
|r walks around dog-faced and hurt
|e Am D G Am
| now he's got nothin', head in the oven
| Am D G
|- I can't decide which is worse


[A]I used to live in a two-room apartment
Neighbors knockin' [E]on my [A]wall
Times were hard I don't wanna knock it
I don't miss it [E]much at [A]all

[D] Oh [A]yeah [E]I'm al[A]right[D] I just [A]feel a little [E]lonely tonight
[D] I'm ok[A]ay [E]most of the t[A]ime[D] I just [A]feel a little [E]lonely to[A]night

I used to need your love so badly
Then I came to live with it
Lately I get a faraway feeling
And the whole thing starts again

(CHORUS and 2nd verse)

~Title: FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER (Byrds,Gene Clark)
                [A]The reason why,  Oh I can't say
                I had to let you [E]go babe, And right a[F#m]way   [B]
                After what you [A]did,  I can't stay [D]on      [Bm]

                        [Bm]And I`ll probably [A]feel a whole lot [E]better
                        When you're [D]gone  [E]   [A]

                [A]Baby for a long time,  You had me believe
                That your love was all [E]mine, And that's the way it would [F#m]be   [B]
                [A]But I didn't know,  That you were puttin' me [D]on   [Bm]
                        [Bm]And I`ll probably [A]feel a whole lot [E]better
                        [E]When you're [D]gone,  [E]Oh when you're [A]gone
                [A]Now I got to say,  That it's not like before
                And I'm not gonna [E]play, You're game any [F#m]more   [B]
                [A]After what you did,  I can't stay [D]on   [Bm]
                        [Bm]And I`ll probably [A]feel a whole lot [E]better
                        [E]When you're [D]gone  [E]     [A]
                        [Bm]I`ll probably [A]feel a whole lot [E]better
                        [E]When you're [D]gone,  [E]Oh when you're [A]gone
                        [E]Oh when you're [A]gone         [G]   [A]   [G]   [A]   [G]   [A]

In the Dark of the Sun - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, from the
"Into the Great Wide Open" album

[G]        [D]        [C]        [D]             
In the [G]dark     [D]        of the [C]sun      [D]
Will you [G]save   [D]        me a [C]place      [D]
Give me [G]hope,   [D/F#]        Give me [C/E]comfort [D]
Get me t[C]o       [D]        a better place  [G]        [D]        [C]        [D]

Saw you [G]sail    [D]        across a [C]river  [D]
Under[G]neath      [D]        Orion's [C]sword   [D]
In your [G]eyes    [D/F#]        there was a [C/E]freedom     [D]
I had [C]never             known be[D]fore

Hey yeah yeah   [Em]    [D]   [G]
[G]In the dark of the sun  [Em]   [D]  [G]
We will st[Em]and [D]   [G]  together     [C]   [Em]    [D]
[D]Yeah we will stand as [G]one       [D]        [C]
Oh  [D]    in the dark of the [G]sun


Past my [G]days    [D]        of great con[C]fusion      [D]
Past my [G]days    [D]        of wondering [C]why        [D]
Will I [G]sail     [D/F#]        into the [C/E]heavens        [D]
Constel[C]lations          in my [D]eyes
Chorus (X2)


A Change Of Heart - Tom Petty

Intro Riff - C G A G F
               [C]  [G]   [A]  [G]               
This is played twice as - C GG A G F C GG AG G with muted strums
after the C GG's


Well I [C]fought [G]for you    [A]  [G]  [F]
I [C]fought too [G]hard        [A]  [G]
to [C]do it all [G]again babe, [A]  [G]  [F]
its [C]gone to [G]far          [A]  [G]

[A]You never needed me
[G]You only wanted me [F]around
It gets me [G]down
There's been a [C]cha[G]nge,[A]  [G]  [F]
yeah [A]there's been a change of [G]heart
Said there's been a [C]cha[G]nge[A]  [G]  [F]
You [A]push just a little too far
You [G]make it just a little to hard
[F]Theres been a change of heart

I'll get over you
It won't take long
I've stood in yer gallery
seen what's hang'in from the wall

You were the moon and sun,
Yer just a loaded gun now
It get's me down



[G]Whoa [A]yeah, [G]oh [A]boy
[G]Looks like we finally found the [F]turning point
[G]Oh [A]me, [G]oh [A]my
[G]Looks like its time for me to [F]kiss it goodbye, yeah [G]kiss it goodbye



A Face In The Crowd - Tom Petty

it goes something like this :-

Before All of [Em]this ever went d[C]own
in another [Em]place, another to[C]wn
you were [D]just a face in the [Am]crowd
you were [D]just a face in the [Am]crowd
out in the [Bm]street walking [Am]around a face in the [Em]crowd
out of a dream, out of the sky
into my heart, into my life
And you were just a face in the crowd
out in the street, thinking out loud
A face in the crowd


INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN by TOM PETTY from the album of same name

The intro and first few bars of the verse seem to be the following:

Em Em? Em7 Em6

b---0---------------------------------------------------|          The chord names are probably a bit
g---0---------------------------------------------------|                dodgy but - hey. If you play this
d---2----1---0--------                on an acoustic 12-| string (like TP's
a---2----2---2---4--------------------------------------|                nice Martin one ...) it sounds ok.

Em Em? Em7 Em6
Eddie waited till he finished high school
Em Em? Em7 Em6
He went to Hollywood, got a tattoo
[Am]He met a [Am/G]girl out there with[Am/F#] a tattoo [Am/G]too
The [G]future was [F]wide [C]open.   [G]  [C]  [G]

Em Em? Em7 Em6
They moved into a place they both could afford
Em Em? Em7 Em6
He found a nightclub he could work at the door
[Am]She had a [Am/G]guitar and she t[Am/F#]aught him some [Am/G]chords
The [G]sky [F]was the [C]limit.     [G]  [C]  [G]      [G]  [C]  [GD]

[G]Into the [C]great wide [D(sus4]open,    [G]under them [Em]skies of [D]blue  [Am]
[G]Out in the [C]great wide [D(sus4]open,    a [G]rebel with[F]out a [Em]clue.  [A]

(instrum: play the intro riff and end with G then A - I think)

The papers said Ed always played from the heart
He got an agent and a roadie named Bart
They made a record and it went in the charts
The sky was the limit.

His leather jacket had chains that would jingle
They both met movie stars, partied and mingled.
Their A&R man said "I don't hear a single."
The future was wide open.

Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue.

Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue.

final flourish: G C G G C G.


~Subject: TAB: Learning To Fly (Tom Petty)

This is a pretty simple one 1 guitar plays the simple chord pattern

[F]   [C]   [Am]     [G]                          
The other guitar plays this little riff:


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