Im About To Come To Life


------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm About to Come to Life - Train -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tabbed by: Geno Email:
I have another request for a great Train song. I really love it and have caught myself singing it along with the band on my way home from work. Enjoy.
Tuning: Standard, Capo 1st. All tabs are relative to Capo.
Gtr. 1 (acoustic) Very doubled actually 2 different but similar parts, I'll try to tab it for one Guitar. Riff 1: (let ring) e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------0-------------------------------------0----------| G|------4-------------------2--------------------4----------------2----------| D|------2--2-----------2-2--2-----2-------2------2-2---------2-2--2------2---| A|--2h4----2-4-2-2-2-4---0----2-4-2-2-2h4----2h4---2-4-2-2-4---0-----2-4-2---| E|--0------0---------------------------------0-----0-----------------------2-|
e|------------| B|---------*--| G|------------| D|------------| A|-----2---*--| E|-2h4--------|
Then: [ending 1---------------------------] [ending 2, chorus] e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|*------------------------------------------0--------------*-| G|--2------2---2--2-------4------------------2----------------| D|--4------4---2--2-------2-2------------2-2-2-----2------2---|
A|*-4------4---0--0----2h4--2--4-2-2-2-4---0---2-4-2-2-2h4---*| E|--2------2-----------0----0---------------------------------|
Acoustic plays chords:
E5-C#m7-Asus2-D5-Asus2 (repeat)
Electric guitar basically picks parts of the chords, too much to tab.
e|----------------------------------| B|---------0--------0---------0--0--| G|--2--2---2--4--4--2---2--2--2--2--| D|--4--4---2--4--2--2---4--4--2--2--| A|--4--4---0--2--2--0---4--4--0--0--| E|--2--2---------0------2--2--------|
Then chorus, repeat chorus and fade.
Chords used for chorus:
E5: 022400 C#m7: x46600 (also they use this variation: x46650) Asus2: x02200 D5: x577xx
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note

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