We Are The World

Usa For Africa

4/4, Fast tempo
e||-7---0-------------------7-----------| B||---0---7-9-0-----------0-------------| G||---------------------1------SIMILE---| D||-----------------2-4-----------------| A||-------------2-4---------------------| E||-------------------------------------| || x x x x x x x x x x x x x | || l l l l l l l l l l l l l | || ========================= | || | G||-------------------------------------|----------|---|--------2-1-|----|| D||-------------------------------------|-----2----|---|-2---2------|--2-|| A||----------------------------2--------|---4---0--|---|---4--------|----|| E||-------------------------------------|----------|---|------------|----|| ||Pause O_________x x x O___O___xo x x x x__x o*|| l l l l l l l_l l l l l
e||---|----0---|--------|------|---------|------|---|---|| B||---|--------|-0--0---|------|---------|------|---|---|| G||---|------2-|--------|------|-2---1-2-|-2----|---|---|| D||-2-|--------|------4-|----2-|---------|-4----|-2-|-1-|| A||---|--------|--------|------|---------|----4-|---|---|| E||---|--------|--------|------|---------|------|---|---|| || O___O x x* O* x x___O* x O* x x O* x O O || l \l l l l_l l l l l_l l l
|Pause E |E A/E |A/E |A/E E|E |A |A |E/G# |E/G# |F#m7 |F#m7 |H11 |H7|| II II III I III I
Part A
|E |E |A/E H/E E/E|E |A |H |E |E |C#m |C#m |G#m |G#m |F#m7 |A |Hsus |H || |I* I* I |
Part B as Part A
Part C (Chorus)
||:A |H |E |E :||C#m |C#m |G#m |G#m |F#m |H11 |
||:E |A/E H/E E/E :|| |I* I* I |
|E |E |A/E H/E E/E |E |A |H |E |E |C#m |C#m |G#m |G#m |F#m |A |Hsus |H E/G# || |I* I* I | |II II |
Repeat Part C, and then to Coda
|H11 ||:E |E |C |D :||E |E |C#m |C#m |G#m7 |G#m7 |F#m7 |F#m7 |A |Hsus |H7 E/G#| |II II |
||:A |H |E |E :||C#m |C#m |G#m |G#m |F#m7 |H11 |E |E E/G# |A | |II II |
|H |E |E |A |H7 |E |E |C#m |C#m |G#m7 |G#m7 |F#m |F#m7 |A |E||
||:F |Bb |C |F |F |Bb |C |F |F |Dm |Dm |Am |Am |Gm |C11 :||
H11 C11 (x2222x) (x4444x)
4/4 3/4 2/4 1.5/4 1/4 1/8 1/16 || O O* O x* or I x or I x or x (x) x or x (x x x) || l l l l \l l__l \\l l l l l ========
An underline between two notes means you should tie them together.

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