Made For Her Jesus


they play in drop b so your tuning should be like this b e a d f# b *note* this is only john chave's part in the song i know it's not compleatly correct im just wanted this to be used as a thing for others to go by to get it compleatly correct use heavy palm muting
h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend string up r - release bend / - slide up \ - slide down v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~) t - right hand tap x - play 'note' with heavy damping
b----------------------------------------------------------------| f#---------------------------------------------------------------| d----------------------------------------------------------------| a-5-4px--5-4-6-777--x-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x-8-8-8x-8-8-8x--| e-5-4px--5-4-6-777--x-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x-8-8-8x-8-8-8x--| b-3-2px--3-2-4-555--x-5-5-5x-5-5-5x-4-4-4x-4-4-4x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x--| ^^one sound play this then use heavy damping

b---------------------------------------------------------------| f#--------------------------------------------------------------| d---------------------------------------------------------------| a-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-9-9-9x-9-9-9x-10-10-10x-10-10-10x-9-9-9x-9-9----|9x e-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-9-9-9x-9-9-9x-10-10-10x-10-10-10x-9-9-9x-9-9----|9x b-5-5-5x-5-5-5x-7-7-7x-7-7-7x--8--8--8x--8--8--8x-7-7-7x-7-7----|7x
b--------------------------------------------------------------| f#-------------------------------------------------------------| d--------------------------------------------------------------| a-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x-9-9-9x-9-9-9x-8-8-8x-8-8-8x------| e-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x-9-9-9x-9-9-9x-8-8-8x-8-8-8x------| b-5-5-5x-5-5-5x-4-4-4x-4-4-4x-7-7-7x-7-7-7x-6-6-6x-6-6-6x------|
b--------------------------------------------------------------| f#-------------------------------------------------------------| d--------------------------------------------------------------| a-10-10-10x-10-10-10x-12-12-12x-12-12-12x----------------------| e-10-10-10x-10-10-10x-12-12-12x-12-12-12x----------------------| b--8--8--8x--8--8--8x-10-10-10x-10-10-10x----------------------|
all good tabbers let this be a guide for you please correct it and if you have ne questions feel free to e mail me 2 or aim me at sparda651 \m/

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