Tell Me What You See

von Bondies

Tell Me What You See (video at The Von Bondies Pawne Shoppe heart STANDARD TUNING
tabbed by Solomon
key b=bend /=slide *=look fo note under tab section .=palm mute
This is a pretty cool song, first tab here but since my own guitar playing style seems to be quite a bit like Jason Stollsteimer's(lead vocalist/guitarist) style it came naturally, so it should be accurate, the solo might be a bit off in some places though, enjoy!
Intr/2nd verse- also played throughout the song
e|---------------| b|---------------| g|---------------| d|---------------| a|---555---------| E|00-----5-55--33|x4
chorus/1st verse- listen for it. e|--------------------------------------|R b|--------------------------------------|Y just the intro turned into power chords, played by the rythim guitar g|----777---------|T--------------------| so its still playing sometimes while the lead comes in. d|22--777-7-77--55----------------------|H a|22--555-7-77--55----------------------|M E|00------5-55--33----------------------| x4
Prechorus- e|----------------------| b|--------------------10|L g|-----------------79/11|E the 2nd part of that im not so sure about it but pick 11 several fast times of course, d|---5-----------79-----|A-------------| listen for it from the lead guitar. a|057-757------------------------------|D E|-------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------|R b|--------------------------------|Y g|--------------------------------|T d|9-9-9-9-------------------------|H a|9-9-9-9-------------------------|M e|7-7-7-7| x2--------------------| starts off prechorus and plays in the middle after lead does its first little riff.
I doubt its completely right.... Solo- e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| b|-----------------------------------------------------------15b-12----------------------------------|L g|1414-1212-1414-1212---------------------12-9912-9912-99/12-------141214b12----*------------------9b|E d|--------------------1412------121412--------------------------------------14-----577/9-----577/99--|A a|------------------------141214------14-----------------------------------------57-------57---------|D E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
* a note on this ascending riff here, it sounds like he starts very low but thats actually the bass playing, he pauses for a split second then begins the ascend.

e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| b|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|L g|77-------------121412-121412--121412--121412141616161616--1416161416161416b161414161614--|E d|--757/99/1212-14-----14-----14-----14----------------------------------------------------|A a|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ^e|----------------------|R |b|------------10--------|Y |g|---------79/11--------|T |d|-------79-------------|H |a|----------------------|M |E|----------------------| x2 | Rythm plays the 2nd part lead's prechorus or it may be dubbed, whatever. comes in where the arrow pointing whil lead is finishing off solo, ends with the solo's ending. Bridge(the part RIGHT after solo)
e|-------| b|-------| g|-------| d|0000-79| a|0000-79| E|0000-57|x8(might be more listen for it and you'll get it) its either open or not at all, i believe its actually played by the bass but if you want to play it there it is.
refrain(RIGHT after bridge) e|---------------| b|---------------| g|---------------| d|---------------| a|---555---------| E|00-----5-55--33|x2
order of the song:
at the very end its just a simple
e|-------| b|-------| g|--9----| d|--9----| a|--7----| E|-------|
thats all, hope i at least got close.

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