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Jammin In America  Warm Gun



[Am]How did it come so [Am7]far?
How did I lose it [Em]all?
[Am]No-one else to [Am7]blame
I put myself through this [Em]hell
[Am]It only takes a [Am7]second,
to change your [Em]world
[Am]And the friends you[Am7] lose,
will never [Em]return.

[C]I wish I had no [C/B]memories,
Am G Em -F#(note)
of the things I've done.
[G]Im not [D/F#]running [Em]away,
im just [Am]over[Em]come.
[C]I wish I could [C/B]see,
your [Am]laugh[G]ing [Em]eyes[-F#(n].
[G]But I [D/F#]lost it [Em]all,
left to my [Am]own dev[Em]ice.

[Am]Forgivness cant be [Am7]bought,
by the richest [Em]man.
[Am]But deciept can be [Am7]sold,
by the bearer's [Em]hand.
[Am]All the regrets in the [Am7]world,
wont solve [Em]anything.
[Am]Depression's holding the [Am7]hand,
of a child called [Em]sin.
I wish I had no memories,
of the things I've done.
Im not running away,
im just overcome.
I wish I could see,
your laughing eyes.
But I lost it all,
left to my own device.


[C]I know we'll never be the [B7]same
but I [Em]want [Em7]you to under[C]stand
C/b Am -4 beats
theres no looking back
again I ask mys[Dsus2]elf:

[Am]How did it come so [Am7]far?
How did I lose it [Em]all?
[Am]No-one else to [Am7]blame
I put myself through this [Em]hell
[Am]It only took a s[Am7]econd,
to change my wo[Em]rld
[Am]And the friendship [Am7]I've lost,
will never [Em]return.

Intro(play twice)
[G]                                   [D] [G] 

[Em]I watch the pla[D]ne fly away, [C]from the place it left me
[Em]with a c[D]oldness in my heart. [C]
[Em]This old pl[D]ace dont look familar [C]to me now,
but [Em]I suppose it's good [D]to be home.    [C]
[Em]All my ambiti[D]ons and my dreams l[C]eft on that jetplane,
[Em]back to the p[D]lace that I belon[C/G]g.
Sweet Massachusettes[G], I want to [D]see it again  [C]       [G]
[D]I want to b[C]e there agai[G]n.
but it's ha[D]rd when you're banished three thousand         [C]
miles awa[G]y.
Dont get me wrong I love the country I come from
and my roots I'd never want to change.
But it was in the U-S of A that I finally found my way
a steady road I walked on.
All the bills I could not pay, so they sent me away,
and now all I think of is-

Sweet Massachusettes, I want to see her again
I want to feel it again.
but it's hard when you're banished three thousand
miles away.

              [Am]   [D7]   [G]                 
Now my girl waits for me, hoping someday for my return.
but it seems so far away.
I hate to put her through this pain, to hear her cry on the line
I cannot comfort her of hold her hand.
I cant stand this hell, I might as well be in jail,
if I'm not with her.
My soul companion I did meet, when I lived on Bostons streets
I've got to get back

Sweet Massachusettes, I want to hold her again
I've got to hold her again.
I need to see her again, I want to love her again. ect ect..
but it's hard when you're banished three thousand
miles away


Capo on 1st

[G]I dont need no money, I dont need no drugs.
I need you only, that's what I'm thinking of
Dont need no sunshine, dont need no coat
Need you to hold me, thats all I want.

[Em]And the endless days tha[D]t pass, make me [G]want you more          [C]              [G]
I've been d[Em]own for so lo[D]ng but I[G] will overcome. [C]           [D]
Cause I need your loooooooooov[G]vvvvvvvvvveeeeee [C]                    [G]                 [C]
I need your love.

[G]I dont need no fakin', lies I dont want
If it's just love we're makin' then I need more
Just want the real thing, just wanna know
that you'll stand by me no matter what.

Em (ect...)
As you listen to my words, you almost whisper to me
Without breathing a word you say to me.
I need your love.
I need your love.

I know time it goes so fast, and people often change.
but I knew I have been blessed when I see your face.
Oh love........


Capo on 7th

[Em]She rubs her eyes as they greet the sunlight,      [G]
[Em]and of the time she's unawar[G]e.
[Em]The calm is broken by screaming hinges,      [G]
[Em]as she opens her bedroom door.      [G]

[Em]She enters what once was a population,          [G]
[Em]just a year ago today. [G]
[Em]Instinctivley she offers a greetin[G]g,
[Em]but there's no-one there to say hello.     [G]

[D]Her swelling eyes [C]fall down to the floor.       [G]
[D]Then she screams out loud "what [C]am I living for?".             [Em]    [-]  [G]   [-Em-]     [G]
[Em]She rustles through her evening ritual,     [G]
[Em]She sets the table for one.  [G]
[Em]Then she decides this is the right time[G],
[Em]that shes not gonna be alone no-more.         [G]
[D]She falls to her knee[C9]s, and prays to God.         [G]
[D]Asking pl[C9]ease forgive my faults.  [G]
[D]For tonight is the last,[C] she'll see of his world,    [G]
[D]She rises, then smiles[C] for one last time.       [Em-G-Em-G]
[Em]There is no sound as her mother enters,        [G]
[Em]There's no reply to her name.   [G]
[Em]Sleeping pills and a bottle of whiskey,  [G]
[Em]has taken away Sarahs pain......[G]
warm gun - 10 33 (according to)

5. 10:33(Acording To?)

[D]I left you [Eb]crying on the [C]shore
[D]and Ive been [Eb]reeling ever[C]more
[Ab]I didnt [F]mean to take it [Bb]all
[C/G]But thats the price youll pay for more
[Am]Cant you under[F]stand
that [C]this is the [Ab]way Iam
That [Eb]Im [F]never [C]free
[Am]Is it too [F]much to ask
that [C]you live with [Ab]my request
To [Eb]try to [F]part the [C]sea
[D]Now were [Eb]walking underg[C]round
[D]Nothing, [Eb]No-one makes a [C]sound
Im [Ab]happy with the [F]place Ive [Bb]found
[C/G]Dont cry love, cry..............
[Am]Cant you reali[F]ze
that [C]this is what's in my e[Ab]yes
Noth[Eb]ing I fail [F]to see  [C]
[Am]Is this world destine[F]d to
[C]break your heart i[Ab]n two
When you l[Eb]et them in [F]        [C]

[D]And these feelings[Eb] will go on         [C]
[D]trapped inside th[Eb]ese four walls        [C]
Dont degress [Ab]till you are[F] sure         [Bb]
then tr[C/G]y me, try................

[Am]Try to op[F]en to
the thi[C]ngs that  you kno[Ab]w are true
then you w[Eb]ill be at[F] one  [C]
[Am]Theres only so much th[F]at I
can [C]tell you, to [Ab]help your plight
Then [Eb]youll [F]stand [C]alone
[Am]Cant you under[F]stand
that [C]this is the [Ab]way Iam
That [Eb]Im [F]never [C]free
[Am]Is it too [F]much to ask
that [C]you live with [Ab]my request
To [Eb]try to [F]part the [C]sea.......

[C]I know that you've[D] been doing well,         [Em]
[C]and I know you've got you s[D]o called "friends",        [Em]
C D Em
but buisness suits and ties were'nt for me.
I always went f[C]or what I thought was re[Am]al.              [B7]
When we were young noth[C]ing seperated us,    [D]                [Em]
to be togeth[C]er was just about[D] enough.         [Em]
But our lives changed[C], different paths we chose, [D]              [Em]
now we meet again and[C] our difference shows[Am].              [B7]
Once were all my reasons an[C]d all my dreams,   [D]          [Em]
my be[C]ginning, my ete[D]rnity,        [Em]
but when expecte[C]d to hold up to the grade[D],             [Em]
I never kn[C]ew how to be ki[Am]ng.     [B7]


But don[C]t confuse my [D]position, cause [Em]it wont change today[C],        [D]          [Em]
[C]feelings are on exh[D]ibition,[Em] years ago feel like[C] yesterday, [Am]              [B7]
and I my yout[C]h I learned a[D] lession,    [Em]
dont miss a chance [C]for a kiss.[D]       [Em]
Please dont [C]confuse my expr[D]ession, cause [Em]its a smile,                 [C]
but it a smil[Am]e...of sadne[Em]ss

Saw the face of a child,
stare at the stars in the sky at night.
She was filled with wonder, overflowed with awe
I wished that I could see what she saw.
Then I turn to you, with your tearful eyes
as you sing a songs saddest lines
"It's when confusion is understood, I once was love,
It once was good".

So dont confuse my position, cause it wont change today,
feelings are on exhibition, years ago feel like yesterday,
and I my youth I learned a lession,
dont miss a chance for a kiss.
Please dont confuse my expression, cause its a smile,
but it a smile...of sadness


1. WHAT?

[D]I walked into a dead-e[G]nd love,     [A5]
[D]realized that it's not[G] enough [A5]
Em G.
Is it the same for you?
The tr[Em]ials you put me though![A5]

I [D]watched the ocean meet the s[G]ky,         [A5]
and sa[D]w the blue turn into blac[G]k,   [A5]
and then count[Em]ed the stars,   [G]
its [Em]crazy i [A5]know.

[D]                [G]          [A5]           [D]                                                      
I---------- wanted to break free,

I n[Em]eede[G]d to br[D]eathe, but this life is[C] holdin[G]g me      [D]
this l[C]ife is hold[G]ing on
[D]What are these thought[G]s inside my he[A5]ad?      [D]
they are steamrolling[Em] my s[G]oul    [D]
and my frien[C]ds are out of to[G]uch,   [D]
they wo[C]uln'nt even [G]know. [D]

[G]I took a tr[C]ip across the river, [G]and ended up more confu[C]sed               [G]
[G]I saw my life [C]die, then re-enter a dif[G]ferent time,        [C]

a different you.

D(same as before)

Maybe this and maybe that,
I hope this is where you're maybe at
I cant comprehend,
why I cant understand.



Intro loud- F C G x2

then softly into verse...

[G]My eyes are [C]now not [Am]blind,
She [C]gives me [G]everything[C].     [Am]      [C]
[G]Without the [C]need to [Am]try,
She [C]gives me [G]everything.[C]    [Am]     [Am/B]
[C]Over the sands of [Am]time, I was so[Am/B] damaged [C]yeah,
then you [Am/B]came al[Am]ong, but it took me so [Em]long. [G]  So [Em]long. [Am]   [---C]

[G]But I know that [C]you are [Am]now,
the [C]measure [G]of my dreams[C].   [Am]      [C]
and [G]I owe you [C]my [Am]life,
wont [C]deny you any[G]thing.[C]    [Am]     [Am/B]
[C]I may not have [Am]much, but I know I [Am/B]have en[C]ough,
With you, [Am/B]with [Am]me, the measure of my [Em]dreams[G]. The measure of [Em]my dreams [G7]
[C]This road was so [C7/G]long, but just hold me, I'll [G]know,
what you mean to [G7]me.
[C]When I let you [C7/G]down, you never backed down.                  [G]
And now it'[F]s so good[C], n[G]ow it'[F]s so good[C].  [G]
[F]ooh [C]ooh [G]ooh    [Am/B]
[G]So take [C]what you like,   [Am]
I'll [C]give you a[G]nything.[C]    [Am]     [C]
[G]Cause for [C]all of my[Am] life,
she g[C]ives me [G]everything X3 then fade....
[End]    [-F]    [C]   [G]                          

[Em]Cluthing reasons of re[A5]ality,
[Em]You told me often about in[A5]sanity,
but it's [C]alr[G]ight, to [C]my [G]mind, to [A5]glide with me

I cry, conceed then lye on my back,
easy life and times are what I lack.
It's time for me, to relieve my inner dreams.-------Em G A5 Dsus2 x4 (double speed)

[Em]Come out, come in dont be a [A5]stranger,
[Em]get dowm, get up dont fear the [A5]danger,
of a free[C] mind[G], not many[C] try [G]to unde[A5]rstand.

Inevitibly evidence is produced,
the strange cracks of time are reduced,
when the breath of life, takes a sigh inwardly.-----Em G A5 Dsus2 x4

My constant battle with identidy,
is like a wind in a vacuum breeze,
The red stop light is shining bright
Never green.

Go through the motions of habitual lives
rejecting notions of a better time.
Why cant you see, this is not for me?
Im paralized.

Cluthing reasons of reality,
you told me often about insanity.
but it's alright, to my mind, to side with me.



Like a [Em]sho[D]tg[C]un[D],  the [Em]night's [D]split with [C]indecis[D]ion.
I [Em]am one[D], [C]  [D]  who [Em]counts [D]on this [C]very [D]nation.
So [Em]bring back[D], [C]  [D]   [Em]bring [D]back a [C]higher [D]meaning,
but I [Em]see which[D], [C]  [D]   [Em]I see [D]which w[C]ay you're [D]leaning.

Em D C D x4

[Em]Oh---- we're [G]all the [D]same in the [Em]end,
dont [G]matter how much [D]money we [Em]spend.
The [G]war is [D]with [Em]ourselves,
so [G]ride on , [D/F#]right on -Yeah[Em].  [D]  [C]  [D]

There's a thorn through,
American civilization.
With the fools who, cry for segregation.
If these ignorant and selfish fucking people,
were to leave us,
We'd see how much we didn'nt need them.

Oh--- we're all the same anyway
Dont matter how many games we play
The walls will all fall away,
So ride on, right on--yeah

Oh---- we're all the same in the end,
dont matter how much money we spend.
The war is within ourselves,
so ride on , right on ,ride on......ect ect

5. (She's) Holding My Soul

Intro Alternate Am and Am11 for four bars.

[Am]What [Am11]did you [C7]say?
Its too [D]late for re[Am]vival? [Am11]         [Am]       [Am11]
[Am]You should [Am11]know by [C7]now,
We need [D]it for our [Am]surviv[A11]al.    [Am]
[Em]All you [B7]want is [Em]love
You [Em7]say its a[C]ll you [G]need. [D/F#]
[Em]Sometimes you [B7]cant see the [Em]forest [C]for the [G]trees
and it's [Fmaj7]hurting [Ab]me insi[Am]de.   [Am11]       [Am]     [Am11]

[Am]Why [Am11]get invo[C7]lved with the o[D]nes that h[Am]urt you?  [Am11]        [Am]      [Am11]
[Am]You need to [Am11]break [C7]free from [D]ones that d[Am]esert you.[Am11]      [Am]
[Em]So take a [B7]little [Em]time [Em7]to real[C]ize what's [G]real
[D/F#]Cause [Em]it's not the [B7]games you [Em]play
[Em7]Or the [C]drugs you [G]steal                  (pick these then strum C i Ch.)
And it's [Fmaj7]driving [Ab]me ins[Am]ane[-]. [G]  [-]  [D/F#]     [--]   [Fadd9]      [-]  [Gadd11]

[C]Your playing with my [Em]emotions[Em7]
I'm like a [Am]ship [G5]without a [D/F#]sail
[Am11]In this [C]game of [Am9]frail [Am]devotions
Sometimes you [Dsus2]win but some[Ab]times[Absus4] you'll [Am]fail. [Am11]      [Am]     [Am11]

Am Am11 -ect. ect.
Where do we go?
Now we've been to the bottom.
I give you everything,
But all I feel is sorrow.

Em B7 -ect. ect.
Love is wearing thin and time aint on our side.
I can't find what's wrong,
If you always hide.
And now she is [Fmaj7]holding [Ab]my s[Am]oul[-]. [G]  [-]  [D/F#]     [--Fadd9-]         [Gadd11]


12 Bar Blues on Verses

[A]Twenty Years ago, remember I first spoke
[D]I Layed down the law, told them just what I thought
[E]My mother said "Boy, youll be a man, just [D]keep your eyes open, do the [E]best that you can"
Well [A]fifteen years ago I was still a child.
[D]I thought the whole world lived in my town.
I was [E]happy playing football, It was my high,
and I [D]learned who my friends were and [E]who to fight.

Ch. [A]Life Rollercoaster, it takes me up and down
    [G]Shakes my nerves, spins my head around
    [F]Sometimes high, sometimes on my knees
    [D]I dont know were I'm going
    I hardly [E]know were Ive been. Yeah [A]Yeah.
Oh. Ten years ago I was thirteen,
Got my first taste of lovin' if you know what I mean
She showed me hers, I showed her mine
I thought "what have I been doing all this time"
Well five years ago you know I was eighteen
The first girl I loved, I thought that it was a dream
Her first name was Kerry, her second was Anne
I thought it was forever, but she let me down

Ch. Life Rollercoaster, it takes me up and down
Shakes my nerves, spins my head around
Sometimes high, sometimes on my knees
I dont know were I'm going
I hardly know were Ive been. Yeah Yeah.

Well two years ago, things had to change
So I jumped on a plane and headed for the States
Gorgeous woman everywhere, the sun always shines
I knew that I was gonna have the time of my life
But now Its today and nothings really changed
I still drink too much, I cant pay the bills.
As for understanding woman, I still have no clue
You know I think I knew more when I was two. Oh look out.

Ch. Life Rollercoaster, it takes me up and down
Shakes my nerves, spins my head around
Sometimes high, sometimes on my knees
I dont know were I'm going
I hardly know were Ive been. Yeah Yeah.


Capo on 3rd


  [C]                 [G/B]                 [Am7]                 [G/B]                                      
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B ------1---------|------3---------|------1---------|------3---------|
G --0-------0-----|--0-------0-----|--0-------0-----|--0-------0-----|(repeat)
D ----2-------2---|----0-------0---|----2-------2---|----0-------0---|
A 3-------3-------|2-------2-------|0-------0-------|2-------2-------|
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

[C]  I took my l[G/B]ove, I took it dow[Am7]n     [G/B]
[C]  Climbed a mo[G/B]untain and I turned aro[Am7]und   [G/B]
And I s[C]aw my refl[G/B]ection in the sn[Am7]ow-covered hi[G/B]lls
Till the [C]landslide br[G/B]ung it down[Am7]      [Am7]    [-] ([G/B]Oh,)
Oh, [C]mirror in the sk[G/B]y, what is l[Am7]ove?  [G/B]
Can the ch[C]ild within my h[G/B]eart rise ab[Am7]ove?   [G/B]
Can I [C]sail through the [G/B]changin' [Am7]ocean t[G/B]ides?
Can I [C]handle the [G/B]seasons o[Am7]f my l[G/B]i    - [C] i  [G/B]-    [Am7]fe?  [G/B]
[C]  Mm [G/B]hmm hmm [Am7]hmm   [D7/F#]
Well, I[G]'ve been afr[D7/F#]aid of cha[Em]nging '[Em]cause I've
Bu[C]ilt my l[G/B]ife around y[Am7]ou    [D7/F#]
But t[G]ime makes you b[D7/F#]older, even ch[Em]ildren get o[Em]lder
And I[C]'m getting o[G/B]lder to[Am7]o     [Am7]    [-]  [G/B]
  [C]                 [G/B]                 [Am7]                 [G/B]                                      
E ------------7-10|----------------|--------10=12---|10------7=5-----|
B --------5/8-----|----------------|----------------|------------8-8-|
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .
  [C]                 [G/B]                 [Am7]                 [G/B]                                      
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B ---------8/10-8-|--------0=1=3-3-|----------------|----------------|
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .
  [C]                 [G/B]                 [Am7]                 [G/B]                                      
E ------------7-10|----------------|10=12---10------|7-------7=5-----|
B --------5/8-----|----------------|----------------|------------8---|
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

  [C]                 [G/B]                 [Am7]                 [D7/F#]                                      
E ------------8---|7---------------|--3-2-3-5-3-2-3-|2-0-2-0---------|
G ----------------|----7-----------|----------------|----------------|

^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .

Well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've
Built my life around you
But time makes you bolder, even children get older
And I'm getting older too
Oh, I'm getting older too

Ah-ah, take my love, take it down
Ah-ah, Climb a mountain and turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well, a landslide'll bring it down
C G/B Am7 G/B (pause)
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well, a [C]landslide'll [G/B]bring it d[Am7]own, o[G/B]h-ohh
C G/B Am7.
The landslide'll bring it down.

All tracks written by Liam Duggan and Richard Mc Sorley 2003
except "Landslide" (fleetwood mac).

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