Here are the basics for Widowmaker from The Last Command album by WASP... The verses I have left merely to chord names as the verse is pretty basic.. but here is the intro and chorus fully tabbed (well...the best I could figure)
a few notes...in ( ) is ghost note and a slide / ..in this instance it is actually to a grace note slide...
Intro.. Clean Pt 1 E------------------------------| B------------------------------| G---2-0-2---2----0-------------| D-0------(0)---3---2-2/3-2-0---|Played 4 times total A----------------------------3-| E------------------------------| Segue E-------------------------| B-------------------------| G---2---2-----------------| D-0---0---(let note ring)-| A-------------------------| E-------------------------| Clean Pt 2 E------------------------------| B------------------------------| G------------------------------| D---2-0-2---2----0-------------|Played 4 times total A-0------(0)---3---2-2/3-2-0---| E----------------------------3-| on fourth time A5 comes in
Intro.Dist. E-----------------------------------| B-----------------------------------| G---2-0-2-XX------------------------| D---2-0-2-XX----------------------4-| times total A-0-----------3-3/5-2-2/3-2---~~~~--| E---------------------------5-3-----|
Verses are simply Am-G-F-Am
Chorus E------------------------------------| B------------------------------------| G-------5-5-X-7------------5-5-X-----| D-7-----5-5-X-7------7-----5-5-X-5---|4 times A-7-----3-3-X-5------7-----3-3-X-5---| E-5------------------5-----------3---|
those are the riffs...
for those who need to know..where chord names are denoted..here are the voicings (at the ones I use..there are several of course)
A5 Am G F E---------5-------3-------1-| B---------5-------3-------1-| G---------5-------4-------2-| D--7------7-------5-------3-| A--7------7-------5-------3-| E--5------5-------3-------1-|
give me some time and I might try to get a guitar pro version up as well

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