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[Em]       [G]       [D]      [Dsus]        [Am]      [Am7]                                                         
-0-    -3-    -2-    -3-    -0-    -0-
-0-    -0-    -3-    -3-    -1-    -1-
-0-    -0-    -2-    -2-    -2-    -0-
-2-    -0-    -0-    -0-    -2-    -2-
-2-    -2-    ---    ---    -0-    -0-
-0-    -3-    ---    ---    ---    ---

This Am7 change is just a quick hammer off then on back to Am, similar to
the D and Dsus change at the end of verses. /
[Em]It's been a whil[G]e since I'[D]ve seen you s[Am]mile[Am7] [Am]
But n[Em]ow you've c[G]ome back ag[D]ain
Came i[Em]nto the ro[G]om and you s[D]aw my g[Am]irl[Am7] [Am]
And you as[Em]ked her how lo[G]ng it's b[D]een
"A[Em] year" she s[G]aid and you sh[D]ook your h[Am]ead[Am7] [Am]
Said "I'm [Em]surprised it's g[G]one on that l[D]ong"[Dsus] [D]
[Em]Baby, [G]Baby, [D]Baby B[Am]itch[Am7] [Am]
For [Em]words I [G]am at a l[D]oss
B[Em]aby, B[G]aby, B[D]aby B[Am]itch[Am7] [Am]
I'm be[Em]tter now pl[G]ease fuck o[D]ff
What [Em]else you gonna[G] say while you're[D] back on your[Am] stay[Am7] [Am]
Maybe [Em]something, maybe [G]nothing, we'll [D]see
It's [Em]just too[G] bad, you're[D] beautiful I[Am] gues[Am7]s[Am]
I [Em]wasn't for [G]you and you [D]weren't for me[Dsus] [D]
[Em]Baby, [G]Baby, [D]Baby [Am]Bitch[Am7] [Am]
Please [Em]slip back [G]into your[D]self
[Em]Baby, [G]Baby, [D]Baby [Am]Bitch[Am7] [Am]
[Em]Go conquer [G]someone [D]else
[Em]People say, "How[G] beautiful, how[D] sweet, how [Am]kind"[Am7] [Am]
You're [Em]perfect, you've got [G]nothing to [D]hide
But [Em]I, for [G]one, have [D]seen the [Am]sun[Am7] [Am]
And the [Em]bitch that you've [G]locked up in[D]side[Dsus] [D]
Got [Em]fat, got [G]angry, started [D]hating my[Am]self[Am7] [Am]
Wrote "[Em]Birthday [G]Boy" for you [D]babe
Now I'm [Em]skinny and[G] sick and[D] para[Am]noid[Am7] [Am]
[Em]Without a [G]cent to my [D]name[Dsus] [D]
[Em]Baby, [G]Baby, [D]Baby [Am]Bitch[Am7] [Am]
[Em]Fuck you, you [G]stinkin' ass [D]ho
Most [Em]beauty I've[G] seen
You [D]come from a [Am]dream
But I [Em]can't close my [G]eyes [D]anymore
No, I [Em]can't close my [G]eyes [D]anymore

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Am Am7 D Dsus Em G
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