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For Good  Wicked

       [F]  [-]  [G]                          
I’ve [C/E]heard it [Fmaj9]said
[F6/9]     That people [C/E]come into our lives
For a [Fmaj9]rea- son
[F6/9]     Bringing [C/E]something [Fsus2]we    must [G]learn

And [C/E]we  are [Fmaj9]led
[F6/9]     To those who [Em7]help us most to grow
If we [Am7]let them
And we [D/F#]help them in [Gsus]re- turn [G]

[C/E]    Well, I [Fsus2]don’t know
If I be-[Fm(maj7]lieve   that’s [Am/E]true
Ab Ebmaj7(no3)/Ab
But I know I’m who I am today
Be-[Fm7]cause I [Eb/Ab]knew  you [Bbsus]

[Bb]   Like a [C/E]co-met pulled [Fsus2]from  orbit
Fmaj7(no3)/Bb C
As it pas- - - - - ses a sun
Like a [C/E]stream that meets [C/F]a   boulder
[Bbsus2]Half- way [Fsus2/A] through the [G]wood [G/F]

[C/E]    Who can [Dm7]say
If I’ve been [Em7]changed for the [Am(add2]bet- - -ter
But [Fsus2]      because [C/E]I   knew you [F5]
[C/E]     [Dm7]I   hav[C/F]e been [G5]changed for [C]good  [C/F]

[G]  It [C/E]well may [Fmaj9]be
That we will [C]never meet again
[Em]In this [Fmaj9]life- time
[F6/9]     So let me [C/E]say befor[Fsus2]e   we part

[G]  So [C/E]much of[Fmaj9]      me [F6/9]
Is made of [Em7]what I learned from you
You’l[Am7]l be with me
Like a [D/F#]hand-print on my [Gsus]heart  [G]

[C/E]    And now [Fsus2]      whatever way
Our [Fm(maj7]stor- - ies [Am]end
Ab Ebmaj7(no3)/Ab Ab
I know you have rewritten mine
By [Fm7]be-ing [Eb/Ab]my    friend [Bbsus]

[Bb]   Like a [C/E]ship blown from[Fsus2] its  mooring
Fmaj7(no3)/Bb C
By a wind off the sea
Like a [C/E]seed dropped by[C/F]   a sky-bird
[Bb(add9]In       a dis[F6/A]- - tant [G]wood [G/F]

[C/E]    Who can [Dm7]say

If I’ve been [Em7]changed for the [Am7]bet-ter
But [Fsus2]      because [C/E]I   knew you
Because [C/E]I   knew you

[Dm7(add4]I         have been[C/F]   changed [G]  for [Fm7]good

And [Fm9]just to [Bb]clear the [Ebmaj7/G]air
I ask for-[Fm7]give-ness
For the things I’ve done [Fm9]
You [Bb]blam[Bb/Ab]e     me [Ebmaj7/G]for

[Gm7]    But then [Bb6]I   guess we know
There’s [Csus2]blame [C/Bb]     to [F/A]share

And none of it seems
To [Fm7(add4]mat- - - ter any-[Fm7/Bb]more    [Bb]

These two parts- Elphaba’s & Glinda’s- are sung at the same time, in a round-like
Here’s how it looks, without the chords (Glinda is lines 1 & 3, Elphaba is lines 2 & 4):

Like a comet pulled from or- -bit As it pas- ses a sun
Like a ship blown from its moor-ing By a wind off the
Like a steam that meets a boul- -der Halfway through the wood
Sea Like a seed dropped by a bird in the wood

So basically, Elphaba starts on the word “pulled” in Glinda’s verse. Listen to the
for help.*)

Elphaba: Glinda:
Like  a com- et  p[Csus/Bb]ulled from  orbit     Like a    ship blown from its mooring
As it [Csus/Bb]pas- - ses a [C]sun                  [C]By a wind off the sea
Like a [C/E]stream that meets [Fsus2]a     boulder   [Fsus2]Like  a seed dropped
Half- - [Fsus2/Bb]-way     [Fsus2/A]through the wood[G]   [G/F]     By a bird     in      the wood

[C/E]    Who can [Dm7]say

If I’ve been [Em7]changed for the [Am7]bet-ter
[Fsus2]      I do [C/E]be- lieve
I have been [G/D]changed for the [Am]bet-ter

And [Fsus2]      because [C/E]I   knew you

[Fsus2]      Because [C/E]I   knew you

[Fsus2]      Because I [C/E]knew you
Dm7(no5) C/F Gsus C5
I have been changed
[C/F]    For [C5]good [C/F]     [F(add2]         [G]   [C(add2]

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Am Am/E Am7 Bb Bb/Ab Bb6 Bbsus Bbsus2 C C/E C/F C5 Csus2 D/F# Dm7 Eb/Ab Ebmaj7/G Em Em7 F F5 F6/9 F6/A Fm7 Fm7/Bb Fm9 Fmaj9 Fsus2 Fsus2/A G G/D G/F G5 Gm7 Gsus
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