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There She Goes  Ziggy Marley

[Eb]                    [Gm7]             Oooh! [F]       the truth       hurts now.

[Eb]                    [Gm7]     More than     [F]         the lie.

[Eb]         Tell you th[Gm7]e truth,   now I'm [F]blamed to be wrong.
[Eb]                    [Gm7] I wear no disguise[F]...                         But I
[Eb]    trod on to  thos[Gm7]e  memories  that h[F]aunt me,    that haunt me.  Oh, man I
[Eb]    trod on to     t[Gm7]hose memories   tha[F]t haunt me, oh man, that haunt me.
[Bb]    There she goes  [Gm]   crying again but[Eb] her loveliness won[F]'t cover her shame &
[Bb]there she goes/takx [Gm]true love/while she[Eb]'s takx true love s[F]he's givx the blame
[Eb]         How could I[F]   be so wrong     [Bb]  to think that we [Gm]could get along,
[Eb]Days I've spent/wast[F]x with u child/if I[Bb] cd count they'd be[Bb] a million or 2, now
[Eb] I walk on through t[Gm7]hat memory,   that [F]haunts me, oh man that haunts me, I say
[Eb]   I trot on through[Gm7] that angry grief t[F]hat taunts me, that[F] taunts me.
[Bb]    There she goes  [Gm]   crying again but[Eb] her sexiness won't[F] cover her shame, &
[Bb]there she goes/takx [Gm]true love but while[Eb] she's t.t.l. she's[F] giving the blame
[Eb] How, how, how could[F] I be so wrong? To [Bb]think that we could[Gm] work out.
[Eb]    Days I've spent [F]wastx with u child/[Bb]if I count, they be[Bb] a million or 2, now
[Eb]     I walk on thru [Gm7]that rocky reef    [F]that wants me, oh that wants me. Woman
[Eb]      I walk on thru[Gm7] that angry grief t[F]hat taunts me, I sa[F]y that taunts me..
[Bb]     Oh.....     (In[Gm]strumental)        [Eb]                   [F]
[Eb]       Oh!          [Gm7]    the truth hurts[F] now........

[Eb]                    [Gm7]    more than the  [F] lie....             lie......

[Eb]                I te[Gm7]ll u the truth, now[F] I'm blamed to be wrong
[Eb]                I we[Gm7]ar no disguise.    [F]            No!     I!
[Bb]       There she goe[Gm]s crying again but [Eb]her loveliness won'[F]t cover her shame, &
[Bb]   there she goes/ta[Gm]kx true love but wh[Eb]ile she's t.t.l. sh[F]e's givx the blame
[Eb]      How could I be[F] so dumb, mm, to th[Bb]ink that we cd have[Gm] some fun?
[Eb]   Days I spent     [F]wastied with u chil[Bb]d, if I count they'[Bb]d be a million or 2
[Eb] Now I walk, walk on[Gm7]to those memories t[F]hat wants me, oh man that wants me. I
[Eb] said I trod onto th[Gm7]at angry gried that[F] taunts me, I know [F]that taunts me
[Bb]       There she goe[Gm]s crying again but [Eb]her sweet caress wo[F]n't cover her shame.
[Bb] & there she goes/ta[Gm]king true love, whi[Eb]le she's t.t.l. she[F]'s givx the blame
[Bb]      How....  could[Gm] I be so wrong     [Eb]  to think that we [F]could work out?
[Bb]      Why.....should[Gm] I be so dumb to th[Eb]ink that we could h[F]ave some fun?
[Bb]   And there she goe[Gm]s    crying again  [Eb]    crying again   [F]  crying again
[Bb]    (fade)          [Gm]                   [Eb]                   [F](end)

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