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Down payment blues   Ac/Dc

Hey! My first tab.

   I saw a request for this tune a little while back, and
thought I would contribute to this newsgroup since I've been
pulling tab from it for quite some time... keep up the great
work guys!

   Since this is my first attempt at tabulation, I would 
appreciate any comments, criticisms and/or style pointers.

   "Powerage" is my favorite AC/DC albums, and if anyone wants
I'll tab some of the other songs I know, including "Riff Raff"
and "Gone Shooting" (great tune!).

   I would also appreciate if someone would post the extro
to this song (the bluesy riff right at the end).  I've included
part of it with this tab, but it probably needs some work.

      E     A   let ring...    E     A   let ring...
e  ------------------------------------------------------
B  ---------2------------------------2-------------------
G  ---1-----2------------------1-----2-------------------
D  ---2-----2------------------2-----2-------------------
A  ---2-----0------------------2-----0-------------------
E  ---0------------------------0-------------------------

      E     A     E     A     E     A     E     E  let ring...
e  ------------------------------------------------------
B  ---------2-----------2-----------2--------------------
G  ---1-----2-----1-----2-----1-----2--------------------
D  ---2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----------2--------
A  ---2-----0-----2-----0-----2-----0-----0-----2--------
E  ---0-----------0-----------0-----------0-----0--------
Play 4x, soft, slight rake with pick
      E     A     E     A     E     A      E     E
e  ------------------------------------------------------
B  ------------------------------------------------------
G  ---------2-----------2-----------2--------------------
D  ---------2-----------2-----------2------------2-------
A  ---------0-----------0-----------0------------2-------
E  ---0-----------0-----------0------------0-----0-------
Play twice, soft rake with pick
      F#    B     F#    B     F#    B     F#      F#
e  -------------------------------------------------------
B  -------------------------------------------------------
G  ---------4-----------4-----------4---------------------
D  ---------4-----------4-----------4-------------4-------
A  ---------2-----------2-----------2-------------4-------
E  ---2-----------2-----------2------------2------2-------
Play twice, soft rake with pick
      A     D     A     D      A     D      A      A
e  --------------------------------------------------------
B  --------------------------------------------------------
G  ---------7-----------7------------7---------------------
D  ---------7-----------7------------7-------------7-------
A  ---------5-----------5------------5-------------7-------
E  ---5-----------5------------5------------5------5-------
Play 8x, with feeling :^)
      B     E     B     E      B     E      B     B
e  ------------------------------------------------------
B  ------------------------------------------------------
G  ---------9-----------9------------9-------------------
D  ---9-----9-----9-----9------9-----9------------9------
A  ---9-----7-----9-----7------9-----7------9-----9------
E  ---7-----------7------------7------------7-----7------
The rest of the song continues with the same chord patterns
in the following order (listen to the record to note the 
variations in striking the chords):

B E B E B E B B 
E A E A E A E E  etc...

Extro: (there's a little riff before this but I haven't been
able to figure it out yet...):

                              slight bend on these notes
e  ------------------------------------------------------
B  ------------------------------------------------------
G  ---2-----2-----------0--------------------------------
D  ---2-----2-----4-----5-----5-----4-----5-----4--------
A  ---0-----0-----------0--------------------------------
E  ------------------------------------------------------
Happy jammin'.
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