Movin out


Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:12:51 -0500
The only part of this song that I'm not posting right now is the solo(and some really minor rhythm parts/improvisations). I may post it in the future though because it doesn't sound that hard to figure out. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to post it, they're more than welcome. For now, this is what I came up with. Some of it may be incorrect but it doesn't sound like it is. Write me with any comments, questions or corrections at Have fun with it.
"Movin' Out"(Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)
Performed by Aerosmith on "Aerosmith"(1973) Transcribed by Bryson Meunier
intro/verse 1(slight palm mute)- E---------------------------------------------------| B----------------------------5--x-x-----------------| G----------------------------5--x-x-----------------| D--5h7--7--7--7--5--7--5--7-----x-x--5h7--7--7--7--5| A-------------------------------x-x-----------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E---------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------5--7--7b-| G-------------x----------------------------5--7--7b-| D-7--5--7-----x--5h7--7--7--7--5--7--5--7-----------| A----------6--x-------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E---------------------------------------------------| B-7r--5-------------------------------5--7b--7--7r--| G-7r--5-------------------------5--7----------------| D--------7--7--5h7--7--7--7--7----------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E--------------------------| B--5-----------------------| G-----7--7--5h7--7--7--7---| D--------------------------| A--------------------------| E--------------------------| Repeat this part through the verse which lyrically goes something like this:
We all live on the edge of town Where we all live, ain't a soul around People start a comin' all we do is just a-grin Said we gotta move out cause the city's movin in(2x)
At that point, the lyrics change and the guitar plays something like this: verse 2- (trill) E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-----2-------------2-----------4---2---0h2p0h2po---| D--------2-------------2-----2----------------------| A--0--------0--3p0--------0-------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------| (start lyrics) E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-----2-------------2-----2------------2------------| D--------2--------------------------------2---------| A--0--------0--3p0-----0------------0--------0--3p0-| E-----------------------------3b--------------------|
E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G--2-----------4---2---2p0-------2-------------2----| D-----2-----2-----------------------2---------------| A--------0-------------------0---------0--3p0-----0-| E---------------------------------------------------|
E------------3--------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-2---3p2p0-----------2-------------2------------4--| D------------------------2-------------2-----2------| A------------------0--------0--3p0--------0---------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-2---2p0------2-------------2-----------4---2--2p0-| D-----------------2-------------2-----2-------------| A-----------0--------0--3p0--------0----------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
The lyrics for this part go like this:
Tell me who ya know and I'll tell ya who to Go see my friend and he'll set you free Tell me what you need and maybe I can go too No one knows the way but maybe me
For the "Nobody goes there" part, the guitar plays something like this: A B5 C5 Nobody goes there Nobody shows where Nobody
E---------------------------------------------------| B---2-2-2----------------2-2-2----------------2-2-2-| G---2-2-2---4-----5------2-2-2---4-----5------2-2-2-| D---2-2-2---4-----5------2-2-2---4-----5------2-2-2-| A-----------2-----3--------------2-----3------------| E---------------------------------------------------| D5 knows where you can find me E---------------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------2---------------| G--4-----5-------5-----7------------2---------------| D--4-----5-------5-----7------------2---------------| A--2-----3-------3-----5----------------------------| E----------------------------3b---------------------|
Repeat that part(although I forget how many times) and then start in with these lyrics and a variation of verse 2:
Good Morning Glory! Halleluiah to ya! What is the story and What's been goin' through ya? Living like a king off the fat of the land Working like a dog in a rock-n-roll band
We're movin' We're gettin' out We're movin' Without a doubt We're movin' We're goin' far We're movin' Oh, yes we are 'cause
Nobody goes there Nobody shows where Nobody knows where You can find me Nobody knows where Nobody shows where Nobody knows where You can find me
(At this point there's a vocal ad lib. It sounds to me like he's saying "Oh no no no you know comin' down on you" or something like that)
Before the solo the guitar plays something like this: E---------------------------------------------------| B---2-----------------------------------------------| G---2------5-------7-------10-10----12--12----------| D---2------5-------7-------10-10----12--12----------| A----------3-------5--------8--8----10--10----------| E---------------------------------------------------|
(solo(please post it if you know it))
This part I'm not as sure of as the others, but it sounds to me that one of the guitars plays something like this: verse 3(clean guitar with some sort of chorus or something)- E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G------2p0-----2-----2p0-----2--0--------2p0-----4--| D---0-------2-----0-------2--------2--0-------0-----| A---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
E-----------------------| B-----------------------| G-----5p4-----2---0-----| D--0-------0---------2--| A-----------------------| E-----------------------|(repeat throughout verse)
The lyrics for this part go like this:
Level with God and you're in tune with the universe Talk with yourself and you'll hear what you wanna know Gotta rise above 'cause below it's only gettin' worse Life and time will take you where you wanna go
Where you wanna go where you going(3x) Ah(6x)
That's about it for the lyrics and guitar parts that I know of. Get through the rest of the song by repeating what's already here whenever appropriate. Make minor improvisations when necessary. Have fun and write me with any questions.
symbols used in transcription: h = hammer-on p = pull-off x = make percussive sound with fretting hand b = bend r = release
On "Movin' Out":
"We wrote that sitting on Mark Lehman's waterbed at 1325(Commonwealth Ave.)." -Joe Perry
"It's the first song we ever wrote together." -Steven Tyler

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