This old guitar

John Denver

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This Old Guitar John Denver
The timing of this piece is 4/4: a regular 8 quavers to the bar. In the tab all notes are 3 characters apart except when there is a quaver rest (or a barline). 4 bars are repeated 3 times each verse: these are indicated by a/b/c in the lyric lines.
Also indicated are the fingering used: i: index m: middle r: ring p: pinky b: barred (index)
(Of course, you can finger it how you like, but this works for me: its basically the way I always finger these chords!).
i m p r i m i r m i e-|-----------------2--------|--------------------------| B-|-----------3-----------0--|-----------------2--------| G-|--------2-----------2-----|-----------2-----------2--| D-|--0-----------------------|--------2-----------2-----| A-|--------------4-----------|--0-----------0-----------| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------|
1. 2. night. 3. be. 4. you.
b r p b m r b b p b b b p b e-|-----------------------2--|--2-----------------------| B-|-----------------3--------|-----------------2--------| G-|-----------4--------------|-----------2-----------2--| D-|--------4-----------4-----|--------4-----------4-----| A-|--2-----------2-----------|--------------------------| E-|--------------------------|--2-----------2-----------|
(end after b r p m b b p m p i p r i verse 4) e-|--------------------------|--2--------2--p0----------| |--2-| B-|-----------------3--------|--------------------2-----| |--3-| G-|-----------4-----------4--|--------------------------| |--2-| D-|--------5-----------5-----|--------2--------------2--| |--0-| A-|-----5--------------------|--0------------0----------| |--0-| E-|--3-----------3-----------|--------------------------| |----|
r i r p m i
e-|-----------------2--------|--------------------------| B-|--3--------3--------------|-----------------2--------| G-|--------2-----------2-----|-----------2-----------2--| D-|-----0--------------------|--------2-----------2-----| A-|--------------4-----------|--0-----------0-----------| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------|
1. This old gui- tar taught me to 2. This old gui- tar gave me my 3. This old gui- tar gave me my
e-|-----------------------2--|--2-----------------------| B-|-----------------3--------|-----------------2--------| G-|-----------4--------------|-----------2-----------2--| D-|--------4-----------4-----|--------4-----------4-----| A-|--2-----------2-----------|--------------2-----------| E-|--------------------------|--2-----------------------|
1. sing a love song, 2. love - ly la - dy, 3. life, my living,
e-|--------------------------|-----------------0--------| B-|-----------------3--------|--2--------2-h3-----------| G-|-----------4-----------4--|--------------------------| D-|--------5-----------5-----|--------2--------------2--| A-|--------------------------|--0-----------0-----2-----| E-|--3-----------3-----------|--------------------------| 1a. taught me how to laugh and how to b. -duced me to some friends of mine, c. helped me though some cold and lonely
2a. opened up here eyes and ears to b. brought us close to- gether, c. opened up a place for us to
3a. and all the things you known I love to b. seranade the stars that shine from a c. most of all to sing my songs for
r m i p m i m i r p m i e-|--------------0-----------|--2-----------------------| B-|--3-----------------------|--------3-----------------| G-|--------2-----------2-----|--------------2-----------| D-|-----0-----2-----------2--|-----------4--------2-----| A-|-----------------4--------|-----2-----------0--------| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------|
1a. cry. Intro- b. brightened up some days. And c. nights. (oh oh oh oh) What a
2a. me It b. I guess it broke her heart. But it c. be What a
3a. do. To b. sunny mountain side. And c. you Yes I do You know
e-|--------------------------|--2--------2-p0-----------| B-|-----------------3--------|-----------------2--------| G-|-----------4-----------4--|--------------------------| D-|--------5-----------5-----|--------2-----------2-----| A-|--------------------------|--0-----------0-----------| E-|--3-----------3-----------|--------------------------| (back to start)
1. friend to have on a cold and lonely 2. lovely place, lovely space for us to 3. I love to sing my songs for
Transcribed by Martin Gregory (, 1 Mar 1994, using tablature-mode.el by Mark R. Rubin.
If you enjoyed this transcription, or have some comments or corrections to it, please do let me know!

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