Down for life


"Down For Life" - BIOHAZARD From the Album "State of the World Address" Transcribed:
I (4x) II (6x) E-|----------------------|----------------------------| B-|----------------------|----------------------------| G-|----------------------|----------------------------| D-|-2------3-----2--5--8-|-2-2-2-2--2-3-2-5-2--2-5-8--| A-|-0-~~~~-1--5--0--3--6-|-0-0-0-0--0-1-0-3-0--0-3-6--| E-|-----------3----------|----------------------------| III (2x) IV (6x) E-|-------------------------------------------|------------------| B-|-------------------------------------------|----3x------------| G-|-------------------------------------------|----/-\-----------|
D-|-9-7-----10-9-7----10--9-7---10--9-7-------|---/---\----------| A-|-7-5--8--8--7-5--8--8--7-5-8--8--7-5-8-7-5-|--2--8-8-then-3-3-| E-|------6----------6---------6---------6-5-3-|--0--6-6------1-1-| SONG STRUCTURE: I,II,III,II,III,IV,I,II,II
If you notice errors, tell me. Sam R.
-- ------------------------------------------- White attack black, black attack back the f***ing media keeps us blind, blind. Children on crack, junkies on smack you wanna close your eyes to hide, hide. Pollution so dense, sickening existence new world order, new world decline, decline. --- Robb Flynn ---
* sam razialruh - ulm germany - *

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