updated: 26 Feb 95
4/4 INTRO: |----3-------5---|----3-------2---|----0-------0---|----0--------0---| |----3-------3---|----0-------0---|----1-------1---|----1--------1---| |--4---4---4---4-|--0---0---0---0-|--0---0---0---0-|--0---0----0---0-| |5-------4-------|2-------0-------|----------------|---------0-------| |----------------|----------------|3-------2-------|0----------------| |----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
VERSE: |----3-------3---|----3-------2---|----2-------0---|----0--------0---| |----0-------0---|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|----1--------1---| |--0---0---0---0-|------0---0---0-|--0---0---0---0-|--0---0----0---0-| |----------------|--2-----1-------|0---------------|-----------------| |----------------|----------------|--------4-------|3--------3-------| |3-------2-------|0---------------|----------------|-----------------|
|----3-------2---| |----3-------3---| |--0---0---0---0-| |----------------| |2-------2-------| |----------------|
CHORUS I: |----0-------2---|----0-------2---|----0--------2---| |----1-------0---|----1-------3---|----1--------0---| |--0---0---0---0-|--0---0---0---0-|--0---0----0---0-| |----------------|----------------|-----------------| |0-------2-------|3-------2-------|0--------2-------| |----------------|----------------|-----------------|
ENDING I: |----0-------0---|----0---3---2---| |----1-------0---|----1---1---1---| |--0---0---0---0-|--2---2---2-----| |----------------|0---------------| |3-------4-------|----------------| |----------------|----------------|
ENDING II: |----0-------0---|----------------| |----1-------0---|----3-----3-----| |--0---0---0---0-|--4-----4-----4-| |----------------|0-----0-----0---| |3-------4-------|----------------| |----------------|----------------|
CHORUS II: |----------------|----------------|----------------|----3-------3---| |----0-----0-----|----0-----0-----|--3-------3-----|--1-------1---1-| |--2-----2-----2-|--0----------(0)|-------------(0)|----------------| |1-----1-----1---|2-------2---2---|3---3---3---3---|2-------2-------| |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| |----------------|------0---------|------3---------|------3---------| 1-E3,2-D3,3-B3 Bar 1 @ 1st fret |----3-------3---| (fingerings) |--1-------1---1-| |----------------| |1-------1-------| |----------------| |------3---------|
AUBREY CHORUS III: |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| |----0-----0-----|----0-----0-----|--3-------3-----|------------1---| |--2-----2-----2-|--0----------(0)|-------------(0)|--0-------0---0-| |1-----1-----1---|2-------2---2---|3----3--3---3---|2---2---2-------|
|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| |----------------|------0---------|------3---------|------3---------| |----------------|----------------| |-(1)------------|----------------| |----- ----------|0---------------| |1--(1)----1-----|0---------------| |----------------|----------------| |------3---------|3---------------|
INTRO ONCE, NO LYRICS INTRO: And Aubrey was her name A not so very ordinary girl or name
VERSE: But who's to blame For a love that wouldn't bloom For the hearts that never played in tune
CHORUS I, ENDING I: Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing Take away the words that rhyme It doesn't mean a thing
INTRO: And Aubrey was her name We tripped the light and danced together to the moon
VERSE: But where was June No it never came around If it did it never made a sound
CHORUS I, ENDING II: Maybe I was absent or was listening to fast Catching all the words but then the meaning going past
CHORUS II: But God I miss the girl And I'd go a thousand times around the world Just to be, closer to her than to me
INTRO: And Aubrey was her name I never new her but I loved her just the same
VERSE: I loved her name Wish that I had found a way And the reasons that would make her stay
CHORUS I, ENDING II: I have learned to lead a life apart from all the rest If I can't have the one I want I'll do the without the best
CHORUS III: And how I miss the girl And I'd go a million times around the world Just to say, she had been mine for a day
I've shown the fingerings I use on CHORUS II, measures 3-5. I did the best I could on the ending.
I think its a very relaxing piece, Thanks for the other Bread tunes (Mike).
Ken Morris,

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