He went to paris

Jimmy Buffett

Note: The best way that I have found to play this song is to play in the key of G, and capo at the 2nd fret. Gives a better sound, and more "rolling" feel to it.
He Went to Paris
E|---------------------||-----------------------||----------------------| B|---------------------||-----------------------||----------------------| G|---------------------||.---------------------.||----------------------| D|------------0--------||.--------------0---0--.||----------------------| A|---4--0--------------||---4--0-----4----------||--4--0-----4----0-----| E|---------0-----------||---------0-------------||--------0-------------| 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
Capo: 2
G C G He went to Paris lookin' for answers to questions that bothered him so. G C D Dsus4 He was impressive, young and agressive, savin' the world on his own. C G C D Dsus4 But the warm summer breezes, the French wine and cheese put his ambition at bay G The summers and winters scattered like splinters C D7 G And four or five years slipped away.
Then he went to England, played the piano, and married an Actress named Kim. G C D Dsus4 They had a fine life, she was a good wife and bore him a young son named Jim. C G C D Dsus4 And all of the answers and all of the questions he locked in his attic one day G 'Cause he liked the quiet clean county livin' C D7 G And twenty more years slipped away.
G C G Well the war took his baby, the bombs killed his lady, and left him with only one eye. G C D Dsus4 His body was battered, his whole world was shattered, all he could do was just cry. C G C D Dsus4 While the tears were a-fallin' he was recallin' answers he never found. G C D G So he hopped on a freighter, skidded the ocean And left England without a sound.
G C G Now he lives in the islands, fishes the pilin's and drinks his Green Label each day. G C D Dsus4 Writing his memoirs, losin' his hearin', but he don't care what people say. C G C D Through eighty-six years of perpetual motion, if he likes you he'll smile,then he'll say G C D G "Jimmy, some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, But I had a good life all the way." G C D G And he went to Paris lookin' for answers to questions that bothered him so.

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