Four seasons in one day

Crowded House

Four Seasons in One Day - Crowded House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(N. Finn/T. Finn)
INTRO: Em D/F#* G Am+2*
Em D/F# G Four seasons in one day Am Lying in the depths of your imagination Em D/F# G Worlds above and worlds below Am The sun shines on the black clouds C Hanging over the domain Bm Am Even when you're feeling warm Bm C The temperature could drop away D G Like four seasons in one day
Em D/F# G Smiling as the shit comes down Am You can tell a man from what he has to say Em D/F# G Everything gets turned around Am And I will risk my neck again Bm C You can take me where you will Bm Am Up the creek and through the mill Bm C Like all the things you can't explain D G Four seasons in one day
CHORUS: C G Blood dries up D Em Like rain, like rain C G Fills my cup D Em Like four seasons in one day
SOLO: Actually played on a harpsichord.
Arranged for 4 guitars (3 picking, 1 strumming chords)... N.C. Em D/F# G Am
e-0-2-3-0--|-2-3-5-2--|-3---10---|-7--------|-8-7-5-3--|-2-3-2-7--|---5-3--2-| B----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| A----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| E----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| : : : : : : : : e----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B----------|----------|----------|----------|---3---0--|---0-1----|----------| G----------|----------|-----0----|---0-2----|-0--------|-2--------|----------| D----------|----------|-2-4---2--|-4-----4--|----------|----------|----------|
A----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| E----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|
Cmaj7 B7 Em D/F# G Am
e-0--------|-2---0----|-0--------|----------|----------|----------| B----------|-------4--|-------3p0|-3-----0--|----------|-1--------| G----------|----------|----------|----------|-------2h4|----------| D----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| A----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| E----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| : : : : : : : e----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B-0--------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G---2-0----|-2-0---2--|-0-----0--|-------0--|----------|-2--------| D----------|-----4----|---4-2----|-4--------|----------|----------| A----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| E----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| : : : : : : : e----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| B----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| G----------|----------|----------|----------|----------|----------| D---0-2----|-1--------|----------|---0------|----------|----------| A-3-----3--|---3-2-0--|----------|----------|----------|-0--------| E----------|----------|-0-2-3-0--|-2-----3--|----------|----------| "Doesn't pay to make predictions..."
Arranged for solo guitar...
BVII - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |
e----------|----------|-----10---|-7--------|--8-7------|-------7--|----------| B---7-8----|-7-8-10-7-|-8--------|----------|------10-8-|-7h8-7----|---10\8-7-| G-9-----9--|----------|----------|----------|----7------|----------|----------| D----------|----------|----------|------7---|---------9-|-7h9-10---|----------| A----------|----------|-7-9-10p7-|-9-10---9-|-10--------|----------|----------| E----------|----------|----------|----------|-----------|----------|----------|
e-(-0-------|-2---0----|-(-0--------|----------|----------|---- B-)-0-------|-0-----4--|-)-0-----3p0|-3------0-|-----0----|-1-- ...continue G-(-0-2-0---|-2---0----|-(-0-----0--|-2------0-|-----0-2h4|-2-- to strum Am D-)---0-2---|-1-----4--|-)---4-2----|---0----0-|-----0----|-2-- "It doesn't A-(-3-----3-|---3-2-0--|-(----------|----------|----------|-0-- pay to make E-----------|----------|-)-0-2-3-0--|-2------3-|---3------|---- predictions..."
Am It doesn't pay to make predictions Em D/F# G Sleeping on an unmade bed Am Finding out wherever there is comfort C There is pain Bm C Only one step away D G Like four seasons in one day
D/F# 200232 Am+2 077557
(Transcription by John Kean)

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