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Shes done nothing

Face To Face

You've Done Nothing By face to face From the album "Don't Turn Away" here are the chords, now find out the rhythm by yourselves you punx this was tabed by Rodrigo
e:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G:2-----2--7--2-----2-----7--2-----2-------------9--7------------------------| D:2--2--2--7--2--2--2--2--7--2--2--2--2----------9--7------------------------| A:0--2--0--5--0--2--0--2--5--0--2--0--2----------7--5------------------------| E:---0-----------0-----0--------0-----0--------------------------------------| repeat twice (*) (#) on second repeat don't play the last E (*), play the two chords (#)
e:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B:---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G:----9-----7-----9-----7-----9-----7-----9-----7----------------------------| D:-7--9--9--7--7--9--9--7--7--9--9--7--7--9--9--7---------7------------------| A:-7--7--9--5--7--7--9--5--7--7--9--5--7--7--9--5---------7------------------| E:-5-----7-----5-----7-----5-----7-----5-----7------------5------------------| repeat twice play only on second repeat and let ring
e:---------------------------------| B:---------------------------------| G:--7--2-----2--9--7--2-----2--9--7| D:--7--2--2--2--9--7--2--2--2--9--7| A:--5--0--2--0--7--5--0--2--0--7--5| E:--------0--------------0---------| now repeat the above part and its over.

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