Fifth Dimension

Intro :

         v   v   v   v                   

 first tbree lines over intro bass pattern
Verse :

        When the moon        is in the seventh house
        And Jupiter      aligns with Mars
        Then peace        will guide the planets
        And love    will steer the stars
        This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
        Age of Aquarius 
        Aquarius       Aquarius
 2nd time: repeat "Aquarius... Aquarius"; to coda
        Harmony and understanding
        Sympathy and trust abounding
        No more  derisions
        Golden living dreams of visions
        Mystic crystal revelations
        And the mind's true liberation
        Aquarius     Aquarius
 repeat intro and verse as indicated
 repeat to fade, no lyrics first time
Coda ("Let The Sunshine In") :
        Let the sunshine
        Let the sunshine
        The sunshine in
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers