SONG: * HANNAH JANE (tabbed by
Intro: G---Am---G---Am-D-G---Am---Bm---Cmaj7
G D You've got your big girls C D Now you have your young ones too Wonder if someday I can have them The way I once had you
Em D I remember your grin and remarks Em D We'd get drunk and go out after dark C D Searching for someone we could take home
G Am You don't wanna be alone G Am D You don't wanna see the sun go down G Am
You don't wanna open the door D C D C And see her go One step and tomorrow comes Two steps and she's off with someone Three steps and it's all you know Bm C You'll be home, she'll be gone
(G-D-C-D) So what are you gonna do about me? I'll be there when you have no one else Spotted the ocean in the south's holy land I'll be there, be your friend
(Em-D thing) Hold on strong, don't let go There'll never be no one to take your place So don't you wanna reach out and take my hand?
Solo: G-D-C-D thing, then Em-D thing
(chorus) (repeat 2nd half of chorus) .............

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